Putas chicas

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Shells - 5 Noviembre 14:51

you can tell that felt good

Munstermann - 29 Octubre 21:08

If a lesbian likes really feminine women, she may express toxic masculinity, in the same way some gay men express toxic femininity i.e. much higher rates of gossip and shade throwing than male community that has less expression of femininity within them.

Vedder - 12 Diciembre 23:28

Jaschwartz5 I second Liz M. But if you're looking at porn to masturbate, recognize that it is exceptionally idealized. I actually prefer text stories to videos/pictures for this reason because you get to use your imagination.

Damon - 13 Mayo 18:19

mine too

Chae - 18 Diciembre 15:47

It never feels like a chore, it just feels natural.

Paris - 6 Abril 07:47

Big dick? You flatter yourself.