Head coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane before the match, with examples of Barcelona, ​​said that the players will line up in the champion’s corridor for the Catalans.

“Why are we not going to do the champion’s hall?” Not I solve it. “After the club world Cup, as I understand it, the question is.

Someone said that they did not participate in this competition, but it’s a lie. To get to the world club championship, need to win the Champions League, and we all participate in the Champions League.

I did not decide that I did not want to put the corridor. Just they do. With all due respect, we’re not going to do it, because the “Barcelona” we did not do it.

Most importantly: we respect the achievement of “Barcelona”, winning the championship is the most beautiful and challenging achievement, I think. And it’s my fault that it happened.

If “Barcelona” has done for us in the champion’s hallway, it would have done us, “said Zidane.

Real Madrid will not build a champion corridor to Barcelona. Right?


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