Head coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane made the comment before the return match of the Champions League semifinals against Bayern (2: 1 – first leg).

“My future does not depend on victory in the Champions League. I want to continue working at the club.

For me it is important what we do and how we play tomorrow against Bayern. Now is not the time to discuss everything.

Do not know whether I am better or worse. But I have more experience.

There are many other coaches who are better than me, but I was given the chance to work with this squad of real Madrid.

I do not need to say ISCO, he knows what to do. We all want to see it played. If he feels discomfort, we will not be put at risk. The most important thing is his health. It can manifest itself later.

This is the semifinals, we understand the importance of the match. We know what to do, but we do not need to change your style.

Real Madrid need concentration and perseverance. Team in the semi-finals, and we got a good result in the first match, “said Zidane.


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