"Zenith" lost to "Locomotive" with a minimum scoreBeat "Zenith", "Locomotive" automatically received the championship in the Russian Football Championship. Photo: pixabay.com

Winning from "Zenith" with the score 0: 1, "Locomotive" became the champion of Russia in football.

In the 29th match of the tournament St. Petersburg football club "Zenith" lost "Locomotive" with a minimum score. At the 87th minute of the match, railroad striker Antonio Eder scored in the goal "Zenith". So "Locomotive" scored 60 points, than he automatically achieved the championship in the world championship.

For "Spartacus", who also claimed this title, "Locomotive" was unattainable, because the club had 53 points.

Before "Locomotive" won the championship in the Russian Football Championship 14 years ago.


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