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The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova at every press conference never tires of asking the same questions to her Western colleagues and each time demands a clear answer to them.

So this time, at a regular briefing, Zakharova urged NATO members to answer a very slippery question, and which other NATO member countries were trying to synthesize, which has become famous all over the world, poison gas "Newbie"?

The day before, Czech President MiloŇ° Zeman made a sensational statement. The leader of the Czech Republic instructed his special services to conduct an audit on this issue. As a result, it turned out that in 2017 a substance was created in one of the Czech laboratories "Newbie", but immediately after the manufacture was destroyed. This statement only proves that Britain has absolutely unprovenly put forward its charges in the "the Skripal affair" against Russia, for which a serious punishment must be incurred.

After the statement made by the Czech president, Maria Zakharova, in her characteristic rigid form, pointed out that the fraud of Teresa May’s government had completely failed. Russia has long had irrefutable facts of its non-involvement in the "poisoning of the Fiddles", but Britain will have to respond sooner or later for its lies.

You all see that the Czech Republic, despite all the pressure that Britain exerts on all NATO members, still found the strength to be honest and courageous. Need I recall that London attracted a large number of countries in this process to send a large number of our diplomats, Zakharova said.

It turns out that there were no grounds for expelling Russian parliamentarians at all, and all of London’s hysteria was aimed only at discrediting Russia. And now, three weeks later, all the accusations against Russia simply disintegrated, like a house of cards.

Zakharova also stated that, that Russia has repeatedly said that many countries had the opportunity to reproduce "Beginner", but for some reason NATO ignored the fact that only a year ago it was synthesized in the Czech Republic, although we pointed out this case several times.

At the end of the meeting, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Russia would like to to hear from NATO, in which other countries "Newbie"?

The diplomat stressed, that Russia is waiting for an official response from NATO.

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