– It was, they say, that Konstantin Ivanovich had a maniacal trait: to blame players for surrendering the match.

– Suspicions were permanent. Yes that far to follow the example: Valery Maslov told me how Beskov until the last days was sure that he, Anichkin and Evryuzhikhin sold the Tashkent replay for the championship with CSKA. And why? Because during the break, when they were 3-1, Maslov himself volunteered to play against Fedotov. Here Beskov also began to speculate: why did Maslov volunteer? Why did the defense crackle? Have sold! Yes, and I "under the hood" he was.

– How?

– In Kutaisi Georgians, money was openly brought to us. We refused, but Beskov arranged the meeting before the match. About me I was sure – I sold the game. He speaks: "In today’s match Gavrilov is not involved!"

– At the installation?

– Yes. Someone else unhooked me. All, declares, you can go to the rostrum, you will not play. But then the guys rebelled: first stood up Fyodor, then Dasay. If, they say, Gavrilov will not play, then we will not. Beskov cried out: "Good. Only for the result in the match I do not bear any responsibility". Went out, and we stayed. Now I have already taken the floor: "Guys, we are alone here. There is neither Beskov nor Starostin. If you believe me, I will go out and play with you. As it will turn out, so it will turn out. If you lose, think about me what you want …"

– How to play?

– They slapped them 4: 0. I scored two goals.

“Why did Beskov suspect you?”

– The Georgians were cunning, they understood perfectly well who could solve the sale issue. I’m not the last person on the team, right? He played decently, scored twenty goals per season. Here’s the money to my room and brought it. And Beskov knew about it. I did not deny it – yes, they did. But I did not take them!

– What did the Georgians say?

“Take your case and leave.” I do not solve such questions. Either all or none. If the team goes to such a thing, then bring it back. Usually in similar situations the players gathered without a coach, and the question was decided – to give or not. If you gave it away, that’s all.



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