Your own enemyWith Roman Pilipchuk everything is clear. This man is a traitor.

He betrayed not necessarily the power of light and good, this sonorous word should be perceived in this case in a purely professional aspect. Pilipchuk worked in the team, was part of it. Professionalism is to be proud of your contribution, to respect the whole. Well, maybe you were underestimated, it is possible that you are offended, and so try yourself in independent work in general holy business.

So beautiful! The season is coming to an end – there are ten days left – and start. None of the ambitious tasks will suffer.

Well, if the coach of the team stumbles at the finish of a difficult season, balancing on the brink of solving a practical problem: get into the Champions League; makes a statement of resignation, not in accordance with the interests of the team – and they only in literal and meticulous observance of their duties can be – well, you threw.

A person who has almost half a pound in the world of a team game that lives for more than thirty years, this can not be unclear.

Do you need to know what are the hidden motives of Pylypchuk’s novel with Spartak? Of course not. In “Spartacus” thirty players, six coaches and about a dozen influential managers and sympathizers. And as much as not affecting anything, but bragging about their partial information, which they give out for exhaustive, insiders … Oh no! We must have enough actions, without tears that are invisible to the world. The act is more than obvious.

All this is more common garbage than it seems. A sort of phenomenon of the second coach. It is said about the special role of the second (or simply not the first) much more often than such a role is really played. That is, it’s a media phenomenon, not a sport phenomenon.

In the success of “Spartacus” a year ago there are many mysteries. The team was preparing for the season with one coach, then wanted to change it for another, and eventually left the third. This third, Massimo Carrera, did not work chiefly in the previous teams and in “Spartacus” the zwan was not the main one either.

The result, which “Spartacus” has achieved with him, is difficult to subdivide into component parts. Well, what happened to the team? Miracle reorganization? A new construction that is all bold? Phenomenon of amazing physical intensity?

No. The phrase-meme about Glushakov, who is a funeral, is also the only explanation sufficient in his mysticism. Somehow this happened.

And people want details. I want logic.

Hence, just begin to grow short-lived legends. Glushakov is sure that the strength was in his instagram, in the spirit that he embodied in himself, and the world reported through a series of photo images. Roman Pilipchuk, the only Russian speaker in the coaching staff, confidentially communicated with the most sweet-eyed, rhythmically nodding to the beat of stories by journalists. No wonder that he is assigned a special role; he himself already believes in it, Virgil. For so many years, a man of success has been waiting for six roles.

And Carrera said nothing at all. With such and such a chin, in such and such a suit.

In the nature of Spartak success, no one has figured it out. But we had to divide success. And everyone eventually had his own hero. To whom the wise Pilipchuk, to whom the coin profile of Carrera, to whom the simple Russian guy Glushak, to whom there is a myth about the wizard Promes, but this at least a wordless guy and a myth, respectively, harmless.

The truth is that everything coincided in an amazing way.

Russian leaders of Spartak held their best season. Glushakov and especially Kombarov; especially – because Dima jumped three heads higher than himself.

Carrera also used the chance. For the sake of this and it is worth waiting for, sitting second-third. But the feat of Carrera is that he did not lose his head. His miracle is a miracle of discretion, coolness. But not a miracle of an idea that could have been exploited for years.

Pilipchuk also performed his miracle. Like Riomi, Trabukki, Rebrov, and Jikia. All. Everyone in his place, in his role.

And the title brought the most notable of them only self-delusion. Everyone wanted more.

All of them somehow ceased to be a team. Ceased to be together, but only together and were strong.

Spot in the finish sharpened these problems. The team jumped in different directions.

And although Carrera looks now better than others, but it’s only because Pilipchuk, the main secret speaker of Spartacus, all this time, has drawn on the Judas path, and Glushakov, whose charisma greatly exceeds the intellect – well, what’s to be done, in the dope. Carrera is just more professional. He leads himself more correctly than others, but who are these others?

“One fool, the other is your enemy” (c).

Alas, the manner of behavior is not yet an idea of ​​what to do next. Nothing in Carrer knows this. Maybe just until no one asked him, maybe he is secretive; and maybe he does not have such knowledge.

The fact is different. In “Spartacus” there is no management. “Spartacus” as the Kremlin; there are groups of influence. And this means that one should not rely on a sound decision, but if it does, it is unlikely to multiply to a consistent will. The current outburst, most likely, will plunge “Spartacus” into a new chaos, the towers of the Spartak Kremlin will argue who is more important. Yes already argue.

And the fact is this: the championship of “Spartacus” was also part of the chaos. So gambling, not losing to dust, only because of great wealth, successfully puts on the zero and fights. So randomly drinking, interfering drinks a person once wakes up without a hangover, even fresh. Maybe, cheerful and inspired instead of the usual state of semifreddo.

But he does not remember which cocktail helped him in this. And he will never remember.

Such inspiration is accidental. Such a title is short-lived. He was a fairy tale. It was not necessary to search for the main character, it was not necessary to search for explanations, it is dangerous to divide fame …

It was necessary to search for the further way. On a sober head.

Such a head in “Spartacus” has not been for many years.

Vasily Utkin


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