Carnival in honor of the Day of Dostoevsky in 2018 will not be able to arrange on the streets of St. Petersburg. The reason for this was the World Cup. Instead of the traditional square near the Young Spectators Theater or Kuznechny Lane, the theatrical performance will be transferred to New Holland. It will be held on July 7 from 12.00 to 22.00.

This St. Petersburg museum Dostoevsky reported in his social networks.

“Feast Day of Dostoevsky is a unique city action, in which museums, theaters, libraries of the city take part. For each holiday, the Dostoevsky Museum prepares the main performance, which is directed by famous directors, choreographers, artists, leading actors of the St. Petersburg theaters. This year, in connection with the World Cup, Dostoevsky’s Day will not be held on the streets of the city. All events will take place in the internal open spaces of the participants of the holiday, “the museum’s administration noted.

World Cup 2018 drove out the "Dostoyevsky Carnival" from the streets of St. Petersburg

However, exceptions will still be. For example, the excursion program “Youth – Dostoevsky”, as usual, will take place on the streets, in the districts of Senna and Vladimirskaya Square.

Day of Dostoevsky was celebrated for the first time in St. Petersburg in 2010, in early July. Time was chosen on the basis of the first lines of “Crime and Punishment”: “In early July, in an extremely hot time, in the evening, one young man came out of his closet, which he hired from tenants in the S-m lane.” The main part of the program is carnival (held in Kuznechny Lane, in 2017 it was moved to the Pioneer Square) with the participation of literary heroes. Film festival, excursions, quests, lectures that are held not only by Dostoevsky’s museum, but also other museums, theaters, libraries are timed to the festival.

Let’s add that the new format of the “Dostoyevsky Carnival” is not the only change in the cultural life of the city that will occur during the World Cup. From June 21 to June 27 will be paid entrance to the Summer Garden, the ticket price will be from 160 to 800 rubles.

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