Women's biathlon team of Ukraine was headed by Russian Prokunin, who was caught in 2009 in the use of dopingWomen’s national team of Ukraine in biathlon was headed by Russian Andrey Prokunin, reports

"Ukrainian Biathlon".

On May 1, a meeting of the special commission was held in Kiev, on the basis of which Prokunina was appointed a scared coach of the team.

It is noted that on May 7 the Russian will turn 40 years old, he was the senior coach of the men’s and women’s teams of South Korea and prepared the teams for the South Korean Olympics.

In 2009, during the Russian biathlon championship, Prokunin and biathlete Veronika Timofeeva had positive doping tests, the agency reported. "All Sports". They found erythropoietin in their blood. Prokunin was disqualified for two years.

Together with Prokunin, the Ukrainian team will be replenished by two specialists, designed to strengthen the service team of the national team, notes "Ukrainian Biathlon".

The president of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, Vladimir Brynzak, called Prokunin "an ambitious specialist". "Now many teams have problems with the appointment of coaches, the same teams of Norway and the Czech Republic are still in limbo. We decided to entrust the team to a young ambitious specialist with a fresh trainer’s eye, ready to give himself completely to work", – said Brynzak.


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