The coach and the club, are created for each other.

Now Lokomotiv will have 12 trophies in Russian history. Of them without Semin, the team won only one.

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

Cup Of Russia-1995/96

Lokomotiv won the Cup in the Soviet era and in 1996 won the first big win with Semin after the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the way to the final, the team beat Zenit “Uralmash”, “textile worker” and “Dynamo”, and in the decisive match has beaten “Spartak”. Alexey Kosolapov, another goal was scored by Yuri Drozdov.

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

Russian Cup-1996/97

To protect the title holder of the Russian Cup, Lokomotiv passed a way easier – “NOSTA”, “UralAZ”, “torpedo”, “Wings” and Moscow “Dynamo” in the finals.

Russian Cup-1999/00

The third big trophy with Semin. The final with CSKA was very dramatic: the main time ended with the score 1: 1, and in extra time, a victory “Loko” has Dmitry Medvedev and Ilya Tsymbalar.

Russian Cup-2000/01

The fourth Cup “the locomotive” Semin has taken more wild game: Anzhi opened the scoring in the 90th minute, but Zaza dzhanashia equalized in the 5th added. In the end, the team gets a penalty and miss elvera Rahimich victory “Loko”.

The championship-2002

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

For the first time in 7 years the champion was not “Spartacus.” “The locomotive” and CSKA has come to finish with the score 66 points, as a result, the stadium “Dynamo” was played a gold match. Lokomotiv is the first ever title of the champion of Russia.

Super Cup-2003

The first super Cup Lokomotiv also won in the match with CSKA. In the main time scored jarošík and Pimenov. In the penalty shootout was already seven misses (not even scored Loskov), but in the end the trophy went “Loco”.

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

The championship-2004

In 2003 became the champion CSKA, but in 2004 Lokomotiv regained the title. The club sold Ignashevich, but bought Sychev and Lima was played after a weak start. CSKA were chasing Lokomotiv until the last round, but in the end the team Semin took the second title. Golden match is not needed.

Super Cup-2005

In the opening match of the season-2005 “the locomotive” met with the owner of the Cup, the Grozny “Terek”. With 9000 spectators only goal Loskov provided Loko Semin’s second super bowl.

Cup Of Russia 2006/07

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

Cup-2007 “the locomotive” has won with coach Anatoly Byshovets, but Semin at this time was President of the team. The winning goal in the game with “Moscow” was Garry O’connor.

Cup Of Russia 2014/15

But the only trophy that Lokomotiv won completely without Semin. Shortly before the final game in the resignation of Miodrag Bozovic. The team was headed by Igor Cherevchenko and won the final of the “Kuban”.

Cup Of Russia-2016/17

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

The first final in the history of the stadium “fischt” played “the locomotive” (again with Semin as head coach) and “Ural”. Denisov and Alexei Miranchuk scored decisive goals – 2: 0. “Loco” took the seventh in the history of the Cup of Russia.

The championship-2017/18

In the first half of the season it seemed that “Zenith” had no rivals, but Mancini’s team fell apart. “Spartacus” until recently pursued a “locomotive”, but after a tough finish to the season “the locomotive” has beaten “Zenith” became the champion. The 11th trophy “Loco” with Semin.

Without Semin in "the Locomotive" only 1 trophy. Him - 11

Photo: RIA Novosti / Vladimir Rodionov, Vladimir Fedorenko (1-3), Nina zotina, Mr Song


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