The events in Armenia continue to develop rapidly. Peaceful protests covered the whole country. Cartoonist Sergei Elkin on the Armenian scenario and about whom he faces.

Will Russia try on the Armenian scenario?Man trying on a mirror in front of a mirror a suit in the colors of the Armenian flag

  • Will Russia try on the Armenian scenario?Protests in Armenia against former President Sargsyan: how it was


Elections of Armenian Prime Minister failed – what next?

The Armenian parliament rejected Nikol Pashinyan’s candidacy for the post of prime minister of the country. Experts regret that the authorities did not listen to the street, and they hope that the opposition will not leave the framework of peaceful protests.

Nikol Pashinyan does not intend to change Yerevan’s policy towards Russia

At a meeting with State Duma deputies, the leader of protests in Armenia promised to develop relations with the Russian Federation if elected to the post of prime minister. The parliament will discuss the election of a new prime minister on May 1.

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Protesters in Armenia rejoice – they managed to secure the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, the ex-president of the country, who intended to become prime minister. Sergei Elkin about who this development of the situation is not pleased.

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