Why did the US reinstate the Second Fleet in the Atlantic? The second fleet of the US Navy was formed on 12 February 1950 and ceased to exist on 30 September 2011

The U.S. the government had decided to restore the Second fleet in the Atlantic Ocean, which was disbanded in 2011, said the chief of Navy Admiral John Richardson.

"In our new National military strategy makes it clear that we are back to the era of competition powers, due to the fact that the number of calls is growing, the situation in the security sphere is becoming more complex"- said Richardson.

According to the Admiral, the responsibility of the Second fleet will enter the US East coast and Northern part of the Atlantic ocean.

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Fleet command will be in Norfolk, Virginia. It is said that the people will be 15 people, and then it will expand to 200 people. The names of the commanders of the Navy are not yet known.

As reported by si-en-en the representative of the Pentagon, NATO pays keen attention to the Atlantic, Russia’s role in the rivalry between major powers.

Also on Friday the Pentagon has announced that it intends to offer leadership to place NATO headquarters in Norfolk.

Jonathan Marcus, correspondent Bi-bi-si on defense

The restoration of the Second Fleet of the USA is part of a broader strategy of reorienting U.S. forces for the renewed rivalry of the major powers in the world and a departure from the naxal campaigns of recent decades.

In this case, the center is Russia is a response to the growing activism of the sea in recent years. The new headquarters will create a more coherent governance options for US ships in the Atlantic.

NATO also plans to create a new unified command in Norfolk, Virginia.

The existing mechanism of American military operations is also in need of serious change. James Mattis said that it was committed to the system of less predictable, short-term deployment of troops.

Experts say that the aircraft carrier of the United States is likely to appear more frequently in European waters.

The second fleet of the US Navy was formed on 12 February 1950 and ceased to exist on 30 September 2011 in connection with reductions in defense. army.

At the time of disbanding the fleet included more than 100 ships and submarines. In the nearly 60 years of its existence, Second fleet participated, including, in the Cuban missile crisis and the invasion of Grenada.

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In January of this year, the U.S. government announced the adoption of the new national military strategy, the main priority of which will be the containment of Russia and China.

Introducing a new strategy, James Mattis has called Russia and China "revisionist powers" that "I want to rebuild the world in accordance with its authoritarian models".

NATO leaders increasingly Express concern that Russia has increased its presence in the Baltic Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean and in the Arctic. Of particular concern, the US government and NATO is the activity of Russian submarines, which they are called the strongest since the cold war.

In recent months, relations between Russia and the West are sharply worn because of the investigation of Sergei Skripal.


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