Who was "fooled" with French strikes against Syria

Why do some Russian journalists believe any word of foreign politicians and military and do not believe their own, writes KP.ru.

Here, the editor-in-chief of the radio station Ekho Moskvy Venediktov burst out this morning: “… Of course, I wonder if, for example, Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoigu will disappear from the government, and in his place, for example, Alexei Dumin will come, or Surovikin will come, I do not remember , as his name is, Vladimir or Mikhail, “says Venediktov. – But the policy is determined by the President of the Russian Federation …

If Shoigu does not, let’s assume, it will happen, for me it will be absolutely clear that the president was sick of being fooled and fooled. That’s, in fact, my debates in correspondence with Vladimir Pozner about it … Oh, thank God, I know about France. First our Ministry of Defense, then Posner, referring to high-ranking Russian sources, writes that the French promised the Americans to hit Syria and not hit. They struck. To do this, just go to the website of the French Ministry of Defense, the website of the French president. To do this, simply call the press service of the President of France. And they did not just strike, but coordinated the blows. Because the AWACS (long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft, – prim.avt.) Were ruled by the French. “

Who and who “fooled”, speaking about the participation of France in the missile strike on Syria on April 14? Let us turn to the original source.

At a briefing of the Russian Defense Ministry, a few hours after the completion of the missile strikes of the coalition, it was stated that (quoting verbatim) “the participation of French aviation has not been fixed,” unlike the US and British air forces. I will specify: in this case it was a question of the fact that the Russian military department did not have information about the participation of French combat aircraft in missile strikes against Syrian targets. About which it was directly and honestly said at the briefing.

As for the French AWACS, they could not launch missile strikes, because they are not meant for that, they just solve the supporting tasks. Dropping rockets and bombs on the heads of Syrians is one thing. And for a thousand kilometers from Syria to participate in the guidance of combat aircraft on targets – it’s completely different. But anyway, the truth is that the French still participated in the punitive operation. But only not with combat aircraft, but with ships (launching sea-launched rockets “Scalp”).

At the same morning briefing on April 14, the Russian Defense Ministry announced 103 rockets issued by the coalition in Syria. The coalition only at the end of the same day announced 105 rockets fired. That is, the error was less than 1%. And this is even by the strictest army standards, it is entirely permissible.

But as regards the effectiveness of the missile strike, there really are more than serious differences not in favor of the coalition. Including, of course, and France, whose reputation is so touchingly and zealously baked by Venediktov.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia not only declared about the downed missiles, but also showed their wreckage. Including – and French missiles with serial numbers of UNITS and other data confirming the “nationality” of the deadly products. True, this is for some reason kept silent by the French, and by the trusted “military experts” Venediktov. And it is easy to understand why – it is much more important for them to pinch the Russian Defense Ministry ritually, to accuse him of lying, to punch their foreheads against the Kremlin, and, in the end, to divert public attention from the fact that the “coalition” led by the US has been shamefully embarrassed.

It is strange only that with such a love of truth and a large number of “experts” in chemical weapons close to the radio station, Venediktov did not pay attention to the testimony of living witnesses from the Syrian Duma who participated in the production of the White Helmets. But this lie caused the missile strike on April 14. And now also the refusal of the State Department to finance this bumbling organization, which is working for him on the spot.

As for Venediktov’s fortunetelling that the President allegedly “gotten” the lie of the Defense Ministry and the GDP because of this can go on radical personnel reshuffles, if the editor-in-chief of Ekho accuses the defense ministry of fooling the head of state, cite and convincing (based on facts and only on facts!) evidence. But, apart from empty words, Venediktov does not have anything.

And further. One can not help but be surprised at the naivety of the editor-in-chief of Echo, who faithfully believes the truthfulness of French sources: “To do this, just go to the website of the French Ministry of Defense, the website of the French president, call the French president’s press office.”

This is hardly enough. Because all these instances either go away from honest answers, or dexterously lie. For example, that the coalition, including France, was hitting the chemical objects of Assad. And Venediktov believes that lies.

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