What to watch in May movies


“Avengers: The War of Infinity”

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

The annual gift from Marvel is a superhero action for the May holidays. Evil continues to be utterly unconvincing – something between the orc and the Warcraft hero in pursuit of the six mighty stones that are needed to make half the planet disappear without a trace. But the team of good bribes, and something can happen that can work: here is the full composition of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Afro-fighters from the “Black Panther”, Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson, Thor, Loki, Iron Man, the brand-new Spider-Man and Benedict Cumberbatch. If a superhero film does not save half of Hollywood, it will not save anything more.

Producer: Wes Anderson

The best gift for the coming spring. A jewelly collected and fantastically funny cartoon by Wes Anderson, shot in the same technology as “The Unparalleled Mr. Fox.” This time, the action is transferred to a fictional Japan, where dogs were kicked out of the cat’s city to the dump island and are going to destroy. Resistance will be headed by a 12-year-old pilot and a gang of dogs who have nothing to lose. The cartoon is necessarily duplicated in Russian, so if you want to hear Brian Cranston, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray in the original, be sure to hunt for English-language sessions with subtitles.

Producer: Konstantin Khabensky

The military drama of Konstantin Khabensky, where he also plays the main role, about the uprising in the concentration camp in Poland – the only one held under the Nazi regime. The leader of the uprising – the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky – ended the constant extermination of the Jews inside the camp. Of the four hundred fugitives, only a tenth lived to the end of the war: the story of the events in the camp is based on the memories of the Pechersky family.

Producer: Haifa Al-Mansor

Immersion in the history of another undervalued female talent in the history of literature. Mary Shelley knows very well in Western culture, but they do not understand very well in Russia: probably, that’s why the simple name of the film was translated as “Beauty for the Beast”. Doubts about the independence of her literary talent, not a very happy impulsive marriage with deception and double life will end for Mary Shelley by writing an important Gothic novel about the return of the dead to life.

Producer: Andrew Nikkol

Detective-anti-utopia about a world where everything is calculated and predictable, with Clive Owen and Amanda Sayfred. A special agent during a chase notices distortions of sight and discovers an encrypted anonymous girl who is not in any database, but can also change information about herself and others. In a world where anonymity and dissent are already considered a crime, a new conspiracy theory dominates. A gripping suspense, continuing the ideas of Charlie Brooker and resonating with the all-Russian Internet censorship.

The best is still in the box office

Producer: Serge Boson

French black comedy based on the novel by Stevenson, where the struggle between good and evil unfolds in the fragile body of Isabelle Huppert. The actress plays a favorite boring physics teacher who, after receiving an electric charge, reveals the energy of resistance and superpower.

Producer: John Krasinski

A minimalistic family horror about the survivors of a global catastrophe, where devouring aliens arrive at minimal noise. Family – husband, wife and three children – builds a shelter and tries not to attract attention to themselves in times of anomaly. The film with a minimum of words and an intense suspense was shot by John Krasinski, who also played the main role in it; The role of the wife was played by Emily Blunt, wife of Krasinski in reality.

Producer: Malgojata Shumovskaya

Polish black tragicomedy about how scary to be a stranger in a small conservative city. After the accident in a religious village, a local eccentric metal man is deprived of his face, and at the same time supporting the family, his beloved girl and normal work. Mini-dystopia and almost human elephant are told through the heroes of village nightmares – exorcist priests, provincial alcoholics and aggressive relatives.

Producer: Mani Hagigi

Iranian black comedy about death and freedom of self-expression. The cult Iranian director becomes the main suspect in the murder of his colleagues: a serial maniac kills Iranian cultural leaders one by one, chops off their heads and cuts out the word “pig” on his forehead. A very recognizable history of censorship, narcissism, self-indulgence and indifference in the scenery of the stuffy Iranian intellectual get-togethers.

“Westwood: punk, icon, activist”

Producer: Lorna Tucker

An interesting documentary film not only about Westwood, but also about what became of punk after the 80s, what it mutated and who its main characters turned into. Categorical, sharp and not the easiest to communicate, the red-headed beast Westwood talks about his way in fashion and entrepreneurship, creating collections and receptions in Buckingham Palace in his old age.

Producer: Levan Gabriadze

Animation-documentary fascinating film about Rezo Gabriadze, co-author of George Danelia and an important artist and theatrical legend. He recalls his childhood, occasional companions and close people, the cultural and political space of that time and the unique atmosphere of Kutaisi, a small city, where dozens of incredible stories could occur simultaneously.

Special impressions

producer: Bernardo Bertolucci

An erotically charged, ironic and profound film about the Paris student revolution through the eyes of three young guys – a brother and sister from a rich French family and an American expat. All three adore watching the film in the Cinematheque, reading the leftist philosophers and burning out of mutual desire for each other, which they can not tell for the time being. Eva Green, Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel in one of the most sensual films of the new century.

producer: Bernardo Bertolucci

The history of finding yourself and a sharp growing up in one summer in the performance of young Liv Tyler. A young American girl comes to Italy to the villa of her parents’ friends to recover from her mother’s suicide, and at the same time to decipher the name of her father from the records of her mother’s diary. Summer Lucy will be held in the company of many men (some will be older than her), new acquaintances and strange discoveries about their own feelings, self-esteem and corporality.

producer: Mikhail Kalatozov

One of the main Soviet films about the war – and exactly the most famous and titled abroad: with prizes Kalatozov, starring Tatiana Samoilova and legendary cameraman Sergei Urusevsky. The young girl Veronica is in love with Boris – and in the midst of their romance begins the Great Patriotic War. While Boris serves at the front, Veronica waits for his house and loses everything that is dear to her. A piercing story of lost happiness, which looks just as powerful after more than 60-plus years. On the big screen will show the restored version of the film.

producer: Jacques Tati

One of the most important French filmmakers-authors and an outstanding comedian who knows how to work in a funny space almost without dialogue. Jacqui Tati removes the “Time Entertainment” about the confused man in the technological future, where everything spontaneous and accidental will seem vulnerable and awkward in the world of outstanding achievements of the national economy. “Entertainment Time” is one of the most important films for understanding modern comedy from Wes Anderson to Roy Andersson.

producer: Semen Aranovich

Not the most popular, but excellent Soviet film about the events of 1942, according to the scenario of Yuri Klepikov and with the music of Oleg Karavaichuk. A group of schoolchildren travels to the northern expedition to Novaya Zemlya to collect the eggs of migratory birds and thereby feed the sailors. But as a result of the battle in the air above the islands, the German pilot drops down, and later the fascist detachment arrives in search of him. Children need to survive, rebuff the Germans and fulfill their mission. A film from the late 1970s with a moving camera, charismatic teenage actors and a completely atypical view of the Soviet Union at that time for a big war.

producer: Claude Lanzmann

What to watch in May movies

Not just a complicated film, but an incredible experience, a documentary monument, the “Shoah” is not very widely known in Russia. In the 1970s, film director Claude Lanzman began interviewing people who survived the Holocaust – the victims and executors. In his endless nine-hour film, participants in the events on both sides, without archival glue and other documentary manipulation, tell the camera about their experience. As a result, the “Shoah” is a shocking canvas of war, which can not be told through the means of cinema and document, but it is also impossible to remain silent and forget.

producer: Wes Anderson

The first full-length film by Wes Anderson – even without his signature symmetry and color solutions. One enterprising guy decides to help a friend not only run away from the psychiatric hospital, but also earn some money on trivial thefts, in order to get into the big league. The debut on the Wilson brothers screen and the third extra character with the ironic name Bob Mapplethorpe driving a second-hand car in a plot about robberies, love and criminal mediocrity.

producer: Stanley Kubrick

According to many film critics, Stanley Kubrick’s main film is a free adaptation of William Thackeray’s novel about Barry, who managed to get out into people. A simple guy, an Irishman, a deserter, a swindler and a master of dust, gradually gets what he wants – recognition and even a title at court, true, at the cost of constant cheating. History without morals about the painful fall from the very top to the music of baroque composers and the motifs of the masterpieces of painting of the eighteenth century. One of the most beautiful movies in the history of cinema, without discounts.


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