"We have to say that you're an asshole." But they used "Photo: Evgeny Egorov

Every first Saturday of may since 1999 in the world is Hemp March – for the decriminalization of marijuana and its derivatives, for the abolition of criminal liability for cannabis consumers. In Russia officially agreed Hemp Petersburg. However, the agreement lasted only one day. How and thanks to whom it became possible, why things went wrong Petersburg non-marsh in the report “Tape.ru”.

“I spoke with some representatives of the executive power is different, not the administration of the Nevsky district (the district where first permitted Hemp March, but then canceled the agreement – approx. “Of the tape.ru”). I was told about the following: we are required to say that you’re not asshole, but, you know, we all consume and support themselves. “

It “Tape.ru,” says the chief organizer of the March of Hemp Arkady Chaplygin. Chaplygin is a lawyer who handles administrative and civil matters. Petersburg branch of the progress party.

About the necessity of decriminalization of marijuana Chaplygin spoke for the first time during the Duma elections in 2016. Then this item was included in its electoral program, but in the elections, recalls Chaplygin, voted for only 4.5 percent of voters from his district to the state Duma was directed by Vladimir Bortko. Among the other items of the program were, for example, the legalization of gay marriage and prostitution. Prostitution – because it is experiencing discomfort, using the services of representatives of the profession. The drugs he tried, but no use. And for the organization of the March took because no one else.

“I believe that if you are an adult able-bodied person, you want something to drink, then why the state should anything be banned? he explains.

"We have to say that you're an asshole." But they used "

Among the requirements of the March is the lifting of the ban on the production of goods from hemp such as paper, but most importantly, the permission to use marijuana. As the world’s experience and numbers of the Federal penitentiary service for the year 2016, according to which about a million people in the country are convicted of drug trafficking, in half of the cases of marijuana. He said that 90 percent of them were punished for what they were.

The main studies referenced by Chaplygin and members of the organizing committee, is the largest study in the British medical journal. The Lancet, conducted in the 80-ies. The research was conducted in the two directions: the influence of drugs on the health of the consumers and those around the consumer. “And that other positions and tobacco, and alcohol in its effect surpassed marijuana,” recalls Chaplygin.

"We have to say that you're an asshole." But they used "Photo: home of Alexey Ustinov in “Vkontakte”

Then there are problems in the use of marijuana can not you see?

Not see. It is not.

But we have children’s drink years with 13. If marijuana will be legal, will not they start to drink with the same age?

I suppose that they would stop drinking 13 years. Why not?

And can afford? After all, the price of any excise tax will be very high.

You should not think so. Now mad cheat for risk. If you read about the production of heroin, you will know that the production of heroin is the same as grams of aspirin.

Say you, 16 years?


You keep talking about “the sacred right to shoot yourself in the foot”. You think about hard drugs?


In your opinion, they also need to legalize?

Tell me, if they are legalize hard drugs, you are going to use them?

I do not.

And I will not. Here we have answered this question.

In what a jamb

Legally declared the March. Just a day after the announcement of approval of this agreement was withdrawn.

“Strictly according to the law the administration has no right to go into the question of whether the promotion and the event, which we stated, she had to agree on their views on the issues raised,” says Chaplygin.

According to him, the officials of the Nevsky district informed regularly coordinated other activities involving himself and his supporters. But then it was decided to take away the permission. Chaplygin sure that the officials pressed.

“The administration of the Nevsky district entered the legally.” It was strange to see how the prosecutor’s office, the FSB, the city administration, put pressure on him. the rejection of the event, I did not want to put the normal people, and there it was about resignation, “he said.

Thus, it was decided to complete.

The collection was scheduled for 15:30 in the garden of them. 30 years of October. Until the last moment, when the organizers, with three buses and a bunch of yellow balloons at the park was empty, but then they all came at once. Then the fighters for the legalization of putting on a bus – it only took one and drove to the lakes in the North, Peter. Someone in the conversation with “Tape.ru” admitted that he doubted, not will bring them straight to the Department.

However, the March nobody interfered. The police were just fucking around and taking pictures of the participants.

"We have to say that you're an asshole." But they used "Photo: Arkady Chaplygin page in “Vkontakte”

“Now the aggression and anger that overwhelms the world, can be deactivated with a new point of view.” The role of cannabis is difficult to overestimate. “These great preparations, these great substances have been used for several millennia by different shamans and healers , became available again .. As the official science only a few hundred years. “

Say that the participants of the March for the decriminalization of marijuana.

“Drugs are poisons!” They affect the mind! And this relationship! “

It is said by the opponents of the action, who have a March with banners.

“And if these three factors join together …,” continues the woman.

“Get the vodka!” – ends for it activists.

“We are struggling to let people know the truth (about drugs)”, – not appeased the opponents of the March.

“It depends on the point of perception.” Remember the words of Einstein! ” – retort of young people.

“Einstein! Oh-Oh-Oh!” – sighs the woman.

Further, there is a rapid verbal sparring. Truth about marijuana “, they are demonstratively burned, asking for more again, and burn.

Side trying to clear each other’s analogy. That one of the young people recalled that.

“I thought I did not have a sweet tooth, but it turned out that I got such a sweet tooth!” Sweets and sweets surround us everywhere, “he explains of the woman with the anti-drug banner.

A sweet tooth is Andrew, he came to Peter from Kazakhstan. There, he sells bongs and “other devices”. “He-Yes, * use * – he says” the Ribbon.ru. “- I have every day I prefer to use, because I’m feeling great. At work my friends and not * used *, because when you work with money or numbers, counting becomes very difficult, “he laughs. Andrew said that in Kazakhstan is quite loyal to marijuana, and relatively quiet to the live fans of herb.

"We have to say that you're an asshole." But they used "Photo: Stephen Brashear / Getty Images

Meanwhile, the meeting with the bright yellow balls with a picture of a smiley face attracts the attention of people walking in the area lakes people. We were approached by two guys 35 years.

“Is that all of these people in favor of legalize? Come on! And you do? I’m not” – one says in surprise.

“Why? – asks him Andrew.” – Would you like to experience discomfort, buying illegally, think, turn you on the right or do not pass? “

“Yes, I somehow do not think in the last time.” I have friends – a meal, buy a … Home What’s got? “

“Oh, son, take the ball.” And what do you have? Asks a young woman with two children. “Oh, son, come here!” she laughs, knowing that people are holding balls in their hands. They later let go in flight to “send emoticons this gloomy sky.”

The March brought together about 60 participants. Those who came and went, typed in about 100 people. People of different ages, different experience and different frequencies of marijuana consumption. Someone admits that but did not try, but plans to come soon.

One of the age and, as he believes, experienced participants – Alexey Ustinov. He introduced himself as an old metalhead, biker, businessman, human rights activist, seeker and philosopher.

“My life can be divided into several stages, it says” the Ribbon.ru “. – I started * eating * at the age of 16 in the 90 -ies, that is, was in the most difficult time in the brightest age. We had a whole generation who came in 89-m to year, and we were promised a bright future. Then just my country collapsed, and we were all rude to us, they say, and by nothing to eat. in the country just in black. “Pearl from two places – from the Chui valley and Ukraine.” The most fun was Ukrainian. “

“Then I was a member of what is now called drug trafficking, he continues.” – Then this was not a word. "got". Remember, I lived on the border of two regions – the Vyborg and Kalininsky. As we grow up there was a terrible fight. And we metalheads with the parties on this ground came together, became friends and began to advocate for peace. And in the end, with marijuana we reconciled the two district. “

But later marijuana still ruined his life, Ustinov says. He received his first conviction for the purchase of cannabis, and it was a “ticket to hell”.

“Like I started "make a plan" valiant police officers. Such in the 90s, hung all in a row, were beaten to death and you took another conviction. I’m not saying I’m an angel, but I broke life. Although I did not touch, was successful and made a good living, “says Ustinov, Last time he was released in 2003, and since 2008 has been officially engaged in civil activity and human rights activities.

However, from the marijuana he refused: then did not care, and now I’ve learned a lot more about cannabis and its effects on the body, including suffering from chronic diseases. “I used everything that was in the 90s. We * used * buckets!” he says. Alex fundamentally believes that marijuana should be legalized, because everything is consumed.

“There is no drug, there is only a special criminalization that people suffered. "Culture" point was freaky, we were visited by officials, Vice-governors and so on. Now they just drink, but get it in the different way through the assistants, who take their assistants. “

"We have to say that you're an asshole." But they used "Photo: Ilya Pitalev / “Kommersant”

“Our society has long been ready”

The maximum “exhaust” from the campaign, which hopes Chaplygin, “entering into the 228.4 of the criminal code, the exclusion of administrative responsibility for the promotion and consumption of drugs, or at least exclusion from the decision of the government of the list of narcotic drugs marijuana, its resins and oils. “

Is it real?

Why not? The whole world is going this way.

Where to sell? Pharmacies?

What’s the difference where to sell? The main thing is that for sale.

It is principal for you?

Of course. We have a lot of unwarranted bans. The same ban on foreign adoptions, and ban on the use of Telegram (the ban on which is actually, there is a lock on the decision of Roskomnadzor – approx. “Of the tape.ru”).

Why in Russia of marijuana has such a bad reputation?

Because there are no elections, a fair vote, I’ve seen it all and know. Therefore, the only voter for the MP is the representative of the Executive Power: the President, Governor and so on. And MP cut off from the people, he creates the bills that are just right for the voter. This is not the man we meet on the street. This is a fantasy of the Deputy.

And people on the street think need legalized marijuana?

You know, when I’m in 2016, said that in its political program on the TV channel. And 80 percent of voters said, “Yes, ready.”

That is our society ready?

Our society has long been ready.

“We are also suing to Minsk Frunzenski borough court with the requirement to recognize that we are guided by the rule of law,” says Chaplygin. “We are guided by the position taken by the ECHR. “According to this position, a ban on the dissemination of information is not identical to the ban on the dissemination of information.

On the basis of the future.

However, the participants were instructed in advance about the uniform, where the main item was the minimum number, but better than the complete lack of pockets. However, no one was afraid and the pockets are not sewed.

“We will never allow”

That marijuana is indeed legalized in Russia, not all believe, even among the members of the organizing committee of the March. Volunteer shares Michael Blazevic in an interview with “Tape.ru” said that some people attribute the fact of negotiation with the opposition rallies held on this day throughout Russia.

“This may be related to the fact that on the same day, comrade Navalny held his actions, which was not coordinated in Moscow nor in St. Petersburg. may “.

Thus, the idea to unite with the politician has refused all members of the organizing committee, said Blazevic.

“We have another goal. I, on the contrary, I believe that many people do not like in power, but they are underestimate her, and if it (the power – approx. “Of the tape.ru”) went to meet us – and she is a little go! something to do with the current government would have changed for the better. And if cannabis was allowed, and the opposition would become less. Many would be sitting quietly at home, “says Blazevich.

“We would never be allowed, he said.” Arkady talked about the drug and that money was deposited there, and I could go in the budget. the police with a salary of 30 thousand to judge who judge young travokurov “.

According to him, most of the articles for drug trafficking are not mafia, and teenagers. The fool, of course, but I moved out, the future itself is not ruined. Even before you reach the hospital I was told: "Well, what can we do?", "What to think?" – you know? They asked me for a figure of 50 thousand rubles. In the end, the lawyer cost me five thousand, and I went to a fine of five thousand. “

Blazovich sure that half of those who prohibit drugs has never personally encountered “prohibited” and do not know how it affects the human body. The other half “sits on top. The number of sympathizers is the problem much more than is commonly believed. While there was a distribution of leaflets with information about the March, the volunteers had many conversations with young and old people, and they had a partner to militiamen. At that moment the volunteers were under the influence of legal substances.

“They brought us to the office.” It was fun, we joked with them about the campaign, and near the offices of the group of policemen of the different ranks. his superiors. “All laughed, someone else heard about the March.” Ride in the end of the neighborhood, aired and released home, “he said.

At the end of the March, the participants adopted a draft address to the President, the Prime Minister, the heads of the Federal Assembly and the State Duma, in which he listed the two main inquiries: and tar from the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, subject to control in the Russian Federation, and the President and the Federal Assembly to amend the criminal code and the administrative code that would preclude liability for sales, storage, transportation and consumption of marijuana and its derivatives.


Now in Russia for the use of cannabis the penalty, corrective works or freedom restriction, for possession of six grams of cannabis. Marijuana fully or partially legalized in Uruguay and 25 U.S. States, the Netherlands, Canada, Georgia, Israel and other countries.


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