We can give a match "Barcelona" - "real"Carmen, Harry Potter and other stories of challenges and overcoming yourself.

Opera “Carmen” was a failure at the premiere, tickets for the first presentation I had to give away for a little while. Popular work was, when Bizet’s friend Ernest, the Gyro has changed the dialogues of the characters and added a few scenes of dancing.

The book “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” refused to print the 8th publishers who found it too big for children. Editor Barry Cunningham, who eventually gave a chance to J. K. Rowling, told her to find some work.

Now in the 21st century – in contrast to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the really good works of art to appreciate, it became much easier. Matches with Barcelona against real Madrid – quite a work of art, games that UNESCO long ago would be worth adding to the list of intangible cultural heritage.

But unlike the Opera or the book of every match. Clasico appreciate you again. Like watching a performance on stage. Carmen or not. Read the book and do not know why Harry from Volan de mort. It is not surprising that with such layouts.

Well, who a month ago after the defeat that “Leopard” has made “Roma” the first game of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, believed that the Catalans do not reach even the semifinals of the tournament? To settle for domestic trophies is nice too, but the team of such level, with such players in the squad, every year just have to plan a victory in the Champions League. “Barcelona” even in the semi-final not playing for the third season.

Or “real”. Not score a Ronaldo in the game against Juventus or not, say, find the team the strength to win and to win in the home match against PSG and we unanimously thought this would be a disastrous season for the Madrid club. And so – the third consecutive Champions League final and a good chance at a third consecutive victory. And if it happens, then after a couple of years, everyone will spit, what there is of English judges Michael Oliver.

And no one will be surprised, because this “real” gives the impression of a game. Playable PSG? It does not matter, we score three times in response. Juventus eliminated the handicap at three goals? No, we will not fall apart, align the game and we will score at the time. Bayern lead through to both the semi-finals? Yes, you want, we will still score more.

Especially because it will be interesting to see in the second half of the confrontation between the teams of Zidane with the most metal in the world Barcelona. Valverde did a great job teaching the team to squeeze the maximum out of the minimum. Henceforth, in the 87th minute, squeezed 2: 2 to 89.

Because the departure from Roma becomes even greater mystery is how the Catalans, who accustomed us to his pragmatism, could this happen? They say that after the defeat of Brazil in the final match of the world Cup 1950 against Uruguay in stunned silence Maracana, the cry “It’s all a dream!” Now Barcelona and there was one match in the season to prove himself and us – it does not have some kind of dream, obsession, magic Roman hills. Thought “That’s really, we’d show it in the semifinals,” can not knock into the heads of Messi, Pique and their partners.

And “real” your challenge is to stop the winning streak of the opponent in the Example. Because of this Spain has not been seen since 1932, when the championship without defeats is managed to pass just “real”. Fans of Barca, of course, you can say that then in the League was only 10 teams and to achieve this it was much easier – but with the “unit” in the column “defeats”.

And this battle of ideas, where is the main feature of Sunday’s match. This can be seen in Zidane, the missing of hallway, or even the main squad for this match, the words.

The essence remains unchanged: if Barcelona is more than a club, the game is “Barcelona” – “real” is more than a match. A masterpiece of contemporary art, which is updated several times a year – and it gets only better. And to understand the greatness of the authors of this spectacle, do not need to wait until they have a heart attack or they’ll find your publisher.

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