Vladimir Shevchenko: All the presidents we have appointed in our opinion. We at anybody did not cheatedVladimir Shevchenko, former chief of the Protocol of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin

– Vladimir Nikolaevich, this weekend I watched a video of almost all of our current openings. (The Incorrection of the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, on March 15, 1990 there were only eight.) The impression is that for almost two decades, the scenario that has developed you, changed not very much …

– Well, something is probably still changing … In our place.

– Look – during the inauguration of Vladimir Putin on 7 may 2000 the first on the scene was invited by the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. And then through the front halls of the Grand Kremlin. And with this order is not changed. First predecessor, then the successor.

– Yes, the Foundation was left of our.

– And you with Yeltsin all these points discussed, right?

– Well, and how? Always, any inauguration – it was discussed. In parallel with the conduct of the elections.

Then there were new moments in the head of the state, of which, they were to be laid down, grateful for the service of the Armed Forces of Russia.

Then each time the procedure-in the Kremlin. Tuple with the newly elected President.

Vladimir Putin may 7, 2012 arrived on change to Dmitry Medvedev, right from "The white house" as I previously headed the government.

That is, the script of the ceremony is not a dogma, it can be interpreted as anything …

– Then tell me – is it true that now may 7, decided to abandon the motorcade of the newly elected in the desert (probably for security reasons) Moscow?

– We will not rush ahead, hurry, let’s wait and see. But the information goes, Yes. I think that I do not say anything. But in the General it will be like 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012, in St. Petersburg. Andrew, St. George and Alexander halls.

– And from overseas practice that we took when drafting the script of the inauguration?

– The only element that is at all is an oath on the Constitution. Well, someone has added to the Bible.

– That is a direct copy we have.

– No – we have no one.

– And the main form of the sample of 1812 – soldiers and officers? It ‘s abroad.

– But the form is ours. And cavalry, and Hiking. We with Boris Nikolayevich discussed. Plus – horse escort.

– And they say – supposedly the first party or reception after the inauguration will not.

– I did not remember when the Banquet was at the inauguration.

– And I also do not remember … On the Day of Russia, June 12, always pour.

– Russia day is another story. Are two different things.

– Right on Cathedral square and the tables were set with a different snack. And foreign guests did you call before?

– No, we never called. As a rule, at the coronation, Yes, the Royal family are there for each other invite. And to the inauguration – I do not remember anybody …


The inauguration of the President of Russia in 2018: when and where it will take place

Named the exact date of the inauguration of the President of Russia in 2018. The ceremony will take place May 7, 2018 in the Andreevsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace (details)


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