Victory of Palych

All coaches who have won more than one championship title in their lives are asked which of the trophies for them is the most difficult, the most expensive, etc. I do not know what answer Semin will have after winning this season with his native "Locomotive". And probably there can not be any specific answer: after all, every championship is valuable and expensive in its own way.

However, when you win the championship with the team, which in fact created by own hands and you do it after 14 years – this is a movie storyline.

Semin began to build "Loco" in the late 80’s and after a short absence to New Zealand continued the business started in the 90’s. The result of the construction was two titles of champions of Russia, won in 2002 and 2004. It is important to note that the "Locomotive" together with Palych designed Filatov. And it is with surnames "Semin" and "Filatov" connect the successes of railway workers at the junction of the nineties and zero (in addition to the championship, the red and green regularly won in the Russian Cup and reached the Cup semi-final). That team was famous for a special family atmosphere, where everyone was for everyone, and all for one. Exactly then "Locomotive" has ceased to be considered the fifth wheel in the Moscow cart after "Spartacus", CSKA Moscow, "Dynamo" and "Torpedo". Then a fan went to the stands of the new handsome stadium.

Victory of Palych

And everyone understood perfectly the role of the Semin-Filatov tandem in this success. Only so and nothing else. But then all of a sudden everything changed. Semina was called in 2005 in the national team and, of course, it was a serious challenge for the coach, who is at the peak. But with the team, as, alas, the majority of specialists, Palych did not work out – at the World Cup 2006 the national selection failed, in addition to everything there was a break in relations with both Filatov and Ashtrekov, the closest assistant and friend in one person.

The way back to "Loco" did not have. And then happened in the career of Semin Kiev and Moscow "Dynamo", "Mordovia", "Anji" and even Azerbaijan. Perhaps, not the limit of dreams for the coach – the champion. It should be noted that Semin returned in 2007 to "Loco" as the president, and in 2009 – m half a year worked as a steering railwayman.

But it was not his team. From the team that he and Filatov collected in pieces, there is only one name left. The club changed one coach after another, presidents and people who influenced decision-making, were replaced with no less periodicity. The results of the "Loco" naturally was not. Gradually, the club turned into almost the middle of Russian football.

And then some miracle happens, and someone’s clever head (or head?) Invites Palych in August 2016 for the post of chief. Although almost 2 years ago he believed that "Loco" will take and win in two seasons cup and championship ?!

In August of 2016 such a decision seemed completely ambiguous. Still in this "Locomotive" Semin returned as a guest, not as the master. But a few correct decisions, setting up relations in a team and we have what we have. I’m sure that in today’s "Lokomotiv" the role of Pashinin and Loskova, Semin’s assistants, is simply enormous. They were the link between the past and the present. They remember well, due to what red – green became the flagship of Russian football at the beginning of zero and pass their experience to the current team. The team managed to keep the Miranchuk brothers in the team and this is perhaps the main transfer luck "Loco". Of these small bricks, the current success has developed.

Victory of Palych

Few people believed that Semin in the shortest time will create a champion team – he was always considered a stayer rather than a sprinter. But looking at today’s team, for some reason it seems that this "Locomotive" became "Locomotive" Semin. A man to whom the whole football world respects. The person who, after winning the title, says that the most important thing in the championship is the return of the spectators to the stands. A man in whom no one believed that he could achieve anything.

At the beginning of the zero, being a kid, I fell in love with "Loco". In that "Loco" it was impossible not to fall in love. Then, as was said above, a lot of incomprehensible and repulsive things began. In recent years, the question of who I’m sick with, answered: "Behind "Loco", but added the phrase: "by inertia". Because I did not see that, because of what the pain began for the railway workers: spirit, atmosphere, game.

Today I galloped like an abnormal and rejoiced at the success of the team "from childhood". At the same time, I can not say that I would be so happy, win "Loco" under the guidance of another trainer. Thank you, Palych, which showed how, with love of business and a child, you can achieve results at any age and under any circumstances.

And still I think that, when answering the question about the very championship, Yuri Palych will name the current one. He achieved this success when, I suspect, he himself did not believe in it to the end. However, plowed, not regretting himself and came to what no other engine driver could come in the long 14 years that separated the previous championship from today.


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