Vice-Governor Albin has no objection to pay the entrance to the Summer Garden during the World Football Championship-2018 and of the festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia”. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the response of Boris Vishnevsky.

“Establishment of admission to the Summer Garden for the period of the festival” does not contradict the law, the powers of the institutions (of the Russian Museum – Approx. Ed.) And is valid. monument in a different time, respect for the right to access, cultural heritage “, – the letter of Vice-Governor.

Justifying his position, he refers to a number of laws, in particular, “On noncommercial organizations” and “On cultural heritage”. They suggest that the requirements for access to objects of the cultural heritage are established “taking into account the views of the owner or user”. And cultural institutions may shape the list of “provided them with paid services.”

Vice-Governor Albin not against a paid entrance to the Summer Garden during the world CupPhoto:

Deputy Wisniewski so dissatisfied with the answer. “I have been sentenced to the prosecutor.” A shame that, instead of myself, to check the legality of the situation, once again sends a request for the administration. the Summer Garden may violate the Civil Code. “If I want to walk in the summer garden, but do not want to see the festival,” said “Fontanka” the MP.

Boris Vishnevsky will send a confirmation to the Governor, and will send a second appeal to the Prosecutor.

We will remind you that on March 5, the Russian Museum confirmed the “Fontanka” that from 21 to 27 June. It is connected with the holding of the festival “Imperial gardens of Russia”, which in 2018 will move from its traditional place – the Mikhailovsky garden. Deputy Wisniewski on March 6, reported by “Fontanka” that will send a request to the Prosecutor. According to the festival website, tickets in 2018 will cost from 160 to 800 rubles.



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