The winners of the meeting scored goals Will Butcher, Chris Kreider, Cam Atkinson and Nick Jensen.

It should be noted, the goalkeeper of Americans Keith Kincaid reflected all 20 shots on his goal.

Americans with five points went to the leaders of group B, and the Danes settled on the fourth line, having in the asset three points less.

In the next match of the tournament, the US team will play on May 7 with Germany, and Denmark will meet with Canada on the same day.

Recall, the World Hockey Championship in 2018 takes place from 4 to 20 May in two Danish cities – Copenhagen and Herning.


Group stage

Group B

Denmark – USA – 0: 4 (0: 1, 0: 2, 0: 1)


0: 1 – 16 ‘Butcher (Godro)

0: 2 – 22 ‘Crieder (Ryan)

0: 3 – 29 ‘Atkinson (Jensen, Kreider)

0: 4 – 54 ‘Jensen (Kane, Butcher)


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