US began to strike at IG in Syria

Aircraft carrier "Gary Truman". Photo by

The US grouping, led by an aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" started operations against terrorists "Islamic state" in Syria.

On the beginning of strikes against the objects of the groupings that have been stolen in the Russian Federation and other countries "Islamic state" in Syria, said the head of the flotilla, Rear Admiral Jean Black. According to him, the current operations demonstrate the flexibility of shock carrier groups.

The operation began on May 3. The US Navy strikes from the eastern Mediterranean. The group included a cruiser "Normandy", destroyers with missile weapons and escort ships.

On preparations for strikes against militant positions in Syria, the head of the US Department of State, Heather Nauert, earlier said. According to her, the purpose of the next operation is to destroy the last strongholds of the IG on the territory of the country. She said that they do not doubt the success of the fighting in the US.


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