MOSCOW, April 27. / TASS /. "United Russia" for a week – until May 15 – extended the period of nomination for a preliminary vote (the so-called primaries), following which the party’s candidates will be selected to participate in the elections on a single voting day on September 9. This was reported on Friday by the press service of United Russia.

"Presidium of the General Council "United Russia" at the request of the regional branches of the party decided to extend for one week the deadline for submitting documents for the nomination of participants in the preliminary voting", – the press service informed, adding that now the documents can be submitted until May 15.

According to the press service, to date, 2 thousand 24 people have submitted documents for participation in the preliminary voting for elections to legislative assemblies and city dumas. "Among them, more than 32% are young people under 35 years old", – added to the party.

In addition, noted there, already 500 people registered in the project "PolitStartap", which is aimed at personnel renewal of party ranks. The participants are invited to pre-vote at the age of 35 who have never been involved in politics, they will receive mentors from the party representatives in the region and federal experts who will help them to generate road maps for the campaign, will be trained on special educational modules that will allow they will increase their skills for working in the field of politics.

Preliminary voting "United Russia"

"United Russia" conducts a preliminary vote over the past few years, successful participation in it is a prerequisite for the nomination by the party candidate for elections at all levels.

In 2018, it will be held on June 3 and will be organized by the so-called open model. It implies that any party member or non-party member can take part in it, but they are subject to certain requirements: candidates, for example, should not own financial assets abroad and have criminal records, even those that have been withdrawn and redeemed, in addition, an obligatory condition for admission of candidates to the voting itself is participation in the debate. Any Russian voter can vote for a candidate with an open model, and a rating system is envisaged, in which more than one candidate can be preferred, but several.

The collection of applications for participation in the preliminary voting started on April 2 and was originally scheduled to last until May 8.

Single voting day

On a single voting day on September 9, 2018, Russia will host 77 election campaigns in 49 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In particular, in 21 regions, top officials will be elected, 16 deputies of legislative assemblies, early elections of five State Duma deputies in single-mandate districts will also be held, and a number of municipal elections will be held.


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