UMMC again won the women's Euroleague. But soon this shop closes

The news that UMMC won the Euroleague, on only appeared on the second day after the victory itself, only when I, an ordinary user of the site, offered it through custom news. It’s clear that this is a usual inattention, but it’s very revealing.

Immediately it becomes obvious that everyone does not care that UMMC has won something. I do not envy any author of a sports site, which had to penetrate into the world of women’s basketball in the shortest time and squeeze out something about the fact that UMMC fellows and raise the prestige of Russian basketball.

Even when I read about UMMC’s victory over Kursk “Dynamo” in the Euroleague semi-final on other sites, it was funny to pay attention to typos and actual errors in the texts. Once again, it became obvious that these publications were only for a tick.

364 days a year no one is interested in women’s basketball and the successes of UMMC, they are not present in the media space. Female basketball is the lowest form of basketball and in general sports, not worthy of attention. It becomes obvious to me when I put my soul into the text about the women’s NBA (which attracts me at times more than the male) and I can perfectly see the difference in interest in the texts about the men’s league and the female one thanks to the internal statistics of the blog’s publications.

This year, the ZHNBA will be watched more due to Vadeeva and Musina. Follow will be the same as watching the championship, when Slutsky worked there. After all, how it works for us – first there was Slutsky’s “Hull”, now became “Vitesse” Slutsky, “Brugge” Gabulov and further on the list. The story repeats about the headlines in the spirit of “4 points and 2 rebounds Mozgova helped” Brooklyn “beat the N team in the regular season of the NBA.”

Interest in women’s basketball – he is as he is. You can not be offended by the fact that no one writes about him. When give reasons – write. Just the reasons should be weighty.

And UMMC won the Euroleague. And it seems to be a good reason, but there is a double-edged sword – those who are not interested – those are not interested. And those who are interested in know that UMMC is a “bag”, a shame and a bloated story.

UMMC is a club that attracts the best players of the world with the money of a domestic mining and metallurgical company. The best thing in the world is always worth it, even when it comes to women’s basketball. And the company has to shell out a lot to keep the team at the usual level of one of the best clubs in Europe.

UMMC (club) is like a spring of crystal clear water amid the post-apocalyptic desert scorched by the atomic war.

UMMC (club) – this is another stupid Russian story about injecting money is unclear where with the possible flow of this money into someone else’s pockets.

UMMC spends serious money (by the standards of women’s basketball – means of cosmic-colossal scale) to keep the brand of the advanced club of European women’s basketball.

But why?

In this part of the text we must again emphasize the obvious fact that Russians take a minimum part in the victories of the Russian club in the main league of Europe.

Semifinal of the Euroleague. UMMC – the Kursk “Dynamo”. None of the five Russians in the UMMC is not gaining a single point. In total, Russians gain 12 points out of 161, recruited in this game by two teams. Arteshina – 0 for 10 minutes. Belyakova – 0 in 7 minutes. Beglova – 0 for 3 minutes. Musina – 0 minutes. In the Euroleague final – Belyakov gets 5 points, and Beglova adds 3. 8 points from Russians in the main Russian basketball team of the country for women for two decisive matches.

But the reasoning about the next “money bag” is an old song, in the humbling of UMMC there is no new information.

New information – it’s about why all this “brand of the European level” can soon fly out into the pipe.

The basis and foundation of success of UMMC is attraction of players from the women’s NBA. And for such money, which in America they can not pay for market conditions. The Women’s Association itself is developing according to the example of the male league of 50 years ago – the players are just trying to start swinging rights, trade unions are gaining voice, and advertising contracts are beginning to bring stable incomes.

UMMC again won the women's Euroleague. But soon this shop closes

So, in 2019, a lockout is planned in the ZHNBA. The current collective agreement ends in 2021, and one of the parties may withdraw from the agreement and begin negotiations on revising the conditions for the existence of the league already in 2019.

When the new collective agreement expires, the players’ union will strive for a more profitable distribution of the league’s income. According to Forbes, now the share of players is about 20% (22.8 last year, a year earlier was slightly more).

Not 50 +%, as in the men’s league, not even close.

Everyone remembers how during the lockout in the men’s league in 2011, everyone was strongly arguing about a couple of percent of BRI in one direction or the other. In the ZNBA in 2019, everything will be much more dramatic, because there is a chance that players will stand in a pose, and at stake is a shift of 10 or more percent of the league’s income. If players can bargain in their favor this 10%, then the average salary for the league can grow by 100 thousand dollars a year.

The average salary in the women’s NBA is now 71 thousand dollars. The best players of the SNBA for all bonuses can qualify for a maximum salary of $ 100-110 thousand dollars per season. For the best female basketball players, these figures represent about 1/10 of what they earn in Europe.

The same Maya Moore in the “Lynx” does not receive the maximum salary and is financially in favor of the club. Partly because of the fact that she receives the lion’s share of her annual earnings not in the US. For her, the women’s NBA is a fundamental story, but not for money. Playing in the ZHNBA, she is in the public eye of American public, from American journalists, media and sponsors. It is in the American context. Skylar Diggins from “Dallas” because of this does not leave for Europe in principle, because in her spare time from the basketball season she tries to earn as a model and ambassador of various brands, actively works with advertisers.

In the next few years, after the lock-out of the ZHNBA, salaries can grow dramatically. Even after the colossal victory of the players’ union in 2020, the figures that pay basketball players in the ZhNBA will not be comparable with European salaries (and especially Chinese ones). It will still be tempting to go overseas, but more people will be thinking about whether they need to go to the championships of Turkey or Russia to earn extra money playing all year round. Or they will prefer to maximize their profits by successful performances in the ZHNBA, where in the long term after the lockout, the majority of players will be able to earn at the level of an average American with high incomes.

Forbes estimated that if the ZHNBA succeeds in knocking out the right to 50% of the league’s incomes, the average salary will grow to $ 164,000. The best players will be able to receive 500-600 thousand per season. And if salaries grow by 50-150%, but this will mean a gradual outflow of American basketball players and other leading female players from Europe.

UMMC again won the women's Euroleague. But soon this shop closes

If top-level players can earn at least 500,000 in the women’s NBA, and a scale for beginners will start at least from 50,000, then such figures will already guarantee financial well-being, and more and more players will be wondering if they should even go to a foreign land for the sake of earnings, if we are not badly fed here either. In this case, the ZHNBA will have less and less situations in the spirit of the Australian central Liz Cambage, who after two seasons retrained in DJs and went home to Australia.

What does all this mean for UMMC? There are no more top-level American women. (Note: I’m even scared to imagine how much they shipped to Maya Moore in order to pull one of the world’s top five players from the middle of the season in the middle of the season to replace Taurasi, and even in the period when Moore originally decided to prepare again for the season of the SNBA in USA).

UMMC will turn into a pumpkin. There will be no one to pay or will have to pay a million for second-rate legionaries.

All European women’s basketball in this case will turn into exactly what European basketball men have turned into. Over the past 10 years, the Euroleague in relation to the NBA has finally turned into a league, where either “finish”, or ignite those who are not useful in the NBA. In extreme cases in Europe now (Russia and China in this context – also Europe) continue their wretched existence quite marginal characters such as Marbury.

Anyone who will give any prospects will leave for the NBA. If the women’s NBA can offer at least some kind of financial stability, the European women’s basketball will follow the same path.

A lockout in the ZHNBA can be a reason for changing the thinking within the entire system. Women’s NBA – it’s prestigious. If this were not the case, then Vadeyev and Musin would not have submitted their candidatures for the draft.

The male NBA has two trump cards in the sleeve in comparison with Europe – prestige and salary. The women’s NBA still has only prestige. When there are also patches, the scales can be strongly bowed in favor of the women’s NBA. And not in favor of UMMC.

Photo:; Jeff Wheeler/ Star Tribune (2)


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