Ukraine illegally retains 3/4 of its territory

Ukraine, which declared itself to be the successor to the Ukrainian SSR, but to the quasi-state entity of the UPR, illegally retains 3/4 of its existing territory.

This was stated by the Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin at the Forum of Friends of Crimea in Livadia, which gathered representatives from 30 countries.

“The principle of territorial integrity is not applicable to Ukraine in 2014 – the Ukrainian statehood was then absent after the coup d’état.

Today’s Ukraine considers itself to be the successor to the Ukrainian SSR, and the successor to the quasi- state formation of the times of civil war – the UNR, which occupied only a quarter of the current territory of Ukraine.

If you follow this position, at least 3/4 of the territory is illegally occupied. But we are silent about this tactfully, “Delyagin said.

In his opinion, it is time for Russia to move to a more assertive position in the dispute with the West, the “Political Navigator” correspondent reports.

“Three and a half years, Russia behaves extremely politely. We diligently explain that the policy of destroying Russia (and Western politicians speak directly about this) is disadvantageous to Europe.

We explain that the cold war is hurting them. But 3.5 years is a long time. In the Russian Federation, the feeling is growing that politeness is a national disease, which is time to cure. The reality is that there is no international law. With regard to the Russian Federation, it is brazenly ignored. Why on earth do we keep it?

We are extremely polite. As a result, we deceive ourselves. There is no longer any international law. There is a right of power, to us the West demonstrates this.

There are no “principles of humanism”. Crimea was reunited without human sacrifice. The fact that in Ukraine people are killed every day, political terror (at least 10 thousand killed in the Donbass officially, and according to German research, a year ago there were 50 thousand in the Donbass, and in the rest of Ukraine – 10 thousand) – and this is the international community is considered normal!

Permanent sabotage, attempts at genocide – to deprive Crimea of ​​water and electricity – is this a norm for the international community?

The Russian Federation has been placed by the West in the same position as the Jewish population in Germany before the final solution of the Jewish question. If we do not understand what will be the same – as with the Jewish community in Germany … the West has finally exposed the face – as a civilization of lies and violence. If we did not have nuclear missiles, we would be bombed in March 2014, “said Delyagin.

In his opinion, it is necessary to “drive the entire Russian business of the Crimea” with an iron hand, and also start “real sanctions against the West”.

“One must be cured of politeness once and for all. Our national interests are higher than any law ignored by Western civilization, “concluded Delyagin.


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