Assistants of the President of the United States Donald Trump hired Israeli private detective Agency to collect data on the members of the administration of the former head of state Barack Obama in charge of the talks on the nuclear deal with Iran. About this newspaper The Guardian.

According to the publication, in May 2017, the Israelites were instructed to find dirt on the Obama adviser on national security. Ben Rhodes and adviser to Vice President Joe Biden Colin Cala. In particular. advisers with the Pro-Iranian lobbyists and the media, who played for the transaction.

Thus, the discredited advisers of the Obama administration trump was planning to cut a deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

The results of the Israeli investigation is not known.

In July 2015, the members of the UN Security Council reached an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program. After the obligations of Iran on renouncing nuclear weapons from the country were lifted international sanctions. The administration of the trumpet and the Republican Party of the United States.

30 APR Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about a “nuclear” Iran, which is managed to get the Israeli secret services. These data indicate that Tehran is secretly working on nuclear weapons.

Trump was the charge of gathering compromising materials for the Obama administration


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