"This is important to remember, if you have a bad headache for no reason"

Smallpox virus. Photo: BSIP / UIG / Getty Images

Karin Melling over 40 years studying disease-causing viruses and reads about them a lecture. In his book “The viruses. Rather friends than enemies” (published in the publishing house “Alpina non-fiction”) by a German researcher who is unfamiliar to the most of the world, access to which often block people’s confusion, disgust and fears. “Meanwhile, in the occurrence of the most of the viral diseases, we blame ourselves – it’s all about the poor sanitation, mobility and our habits,” writes virologist. On the social nature of epidemics, in particular, is the case in the chosen Chapter “Viruses: how they make us sick.”

Victory over smallpox became one of the greatest achievements of medicine. Outbreaks of this disease must be stopped, because humanity is invented a vaccine against the virus and vaccination with vaccinia. Edward Jenner, who in 1796 first tested the vaccine on his own son. Jenner brought up and the principle of vaccine development: the use of a similar virus that causes disease only in a mild form, to protect from dangerous virus. The use of vaccinia virus is the smallpox virus is one such example. Smallpox was considered extinct. But, surprisingly, from time to time, still have outbreaks.


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