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Since April 28, changes in traffic regulations have entered into force: now a new yellow marking officially called “waffle iron” is officially allowed at intersections because of a pattern in the form of intersecting yellow lines. So the zone at the crossroads is designated, the entry into which is forbidden during a traffic jam under the threat of a fine of 1 thousand rubles. for interfering with other participants in the movement. “Waffle iron” has already been applied during the experiment in Moscow. At the same time, the question of whether traffic cameras can correctly control the passage of intersections with new markings remains a subject of discussion.

New markings can be placed in the center of the intersection and can be duplicated (optionally) with a new “Crossroads” road sign, which also uses intersecting lines. In this way, a section is designated where it is forbidden to leave even with green light, if there is a congestion ahead which “will force the driver to stop creating an obstacle to the movement of vehicles in the transverse direction”. Penalty for violation provided for by Part 1 of Art. 12.13 CoAP – 1 thousand rubles. If the motorist needs to turn right or left at a crossroads, the ban does not work – you can leave for waffle markings.

New marking is being used in Moscow since 2015 as an experiment at 76 crossroads, including at intersections with selected bands. After the application of this marking, the “Kommersant” in the CODD was specified, the speed of traffic at the crossroads increased by 80% in the morning, and by 15% in the evening. Now the “waffle maker” is legalized by the rules. Requirements for it (the thickness of the lines, the distance between them) are set by GOST, which will come into force on June 1. In 2018, markup will be applied to 79 addresses in different districts of Moscow at problematic intersections, where traffic jams are formed.

Samara authorities waffle markup will be applied in 2018, in Rostov-on-Don it will appear after the entry into force of new traffic rules. The initiative should come from the traffic police, Kommersant was told in the Ministry of Transport and Roads of Tatarstan, while there were no such requests. The directorate of the traffic organization of St. Petersburg “consider the issue” of applying new markup, but there are no specific plans yet.

Open until the question remains about fixing the exit to the intersection during the congestion with the help of cameras. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2016 9,900 cases of such violations were detected (940 in Moscow), in 2017 – 6,900 (597 in Moscow), but all of them were identified by inspectors. Road cameras for these purposes were used in Moscow only in 2015: then 6 thousand decisions were made under art. 12.13.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. But then, as Kommersant learned, a letter from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russia was sent to the Moscow State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, stating that it is impossible to determine reliably whether an obstacle to the transport that has moved to the intersection has moved to the transverse direction. In addition, the traffic rules do not disclose the concept of “congestion”. The practice of fixing such violations by automated systems was deemed “inexpedient” and terminated. Familiar with the situation, the interlocutors of “Kommersant” say that the operating software allows only to see that the car has stood for 2-3 seconds on the “waffle iron” with a certain signal of a traffic light, the rest of the evidence base and the truth is not enough.

Nevertheless, in the capital’s CDC, Kommersant was told that the issue of installing cameras at intersections with new markings is being “worked through”. «"Waffle maker" will serve as additional evidence in the detection of violations, “Yevgeny Yefremov, deputy head of the USGIBDD for Moscow, explained to Kommersant.” Complexes can be set so that the signal of a traffic light is fixed and a track recorded with a second fixation of the machine’s position. It shows where the vehicle was located, whether he had the opportunity not to go to a busy intersection. ” The St. Petersburg Committee for Information and Communication plans to create a zone in late 2018 for the pilot operation of cameras capable of recording exit to intersections.

Traffic safety expert lawyer Katerina Solovieva believes that the “waffle maker” will simplify the life of drivers when, for example, because of the unselected snow, it is difficult to understand where “at least approximately” the intersection boundaries are located. At the same time, she noted that drivers rarely leave for a busy intersection in a congestion consciously, most often this is due to incorrect setting of traffic lights.

Ivan Buranov; Andrey Sazonov, Samara; Ksenia Presnikova, Rostov-on-Don; Lidiya Gorborukova, St. Petersburg

Where in 2018 in Moscow waffle marking will appear

District of Address
CAO Kitaygorodsky avenue-Moskvoretskaya nab .;
Astakhovsky bridge-Yauzskaya street;
pl. Yauzsky Gate-Ustinsky Prospect;
Kotelnicheskaya nab.-Ustinsky pr .;
Leninsky Prospect Ave. Apakova;
3rd Krutitskiy per.-Novospassky Prospect;
Sadovaya-Samotechnaya St.-Tsvetnoy Blvd .;
Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, Samotechnaya Street;
1-st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street. Chayanova;
1st Brestskaya St.-Vasilievskaya Street;
2-nd Brestskaya St.-Vasilievskaya street;
ul. Chayanov-2-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya street;
ul. Serafimovich-Sofia Embankment;
ul. Pokrovka-ul. Earthworks;
ul. B. Lubyanka-Rozhdestvensky Blvd .;
ul. Sretenka-Christmas Blvd .;
Yakimansky av. Bolshaya Polyanka;
ul. Cow Val-Lusinovskaya Street;
Zubovskaya ul.-U. Lev Tolstoy;
Smolenskaya Str. Ivy;
ul. Zemlyanoi Val-Verkhnaya Radischevskaya Street;
pl. Ilyinsky Gates-Old Square;
Lubyansky Ave. Maroseyka;
CAO Korovinskoe sh.-Taldomskaya street;
ul. Sophia Kovalevskaya – st. 800 anniversary of Moscow;
Timiryazevskaya Str. Vsevolod Vishnevsky;
Bashilovskaya St.-4 th Vyatsky per. .;
Vyatka Street, 2nd Kvesisskaya Street;
ul. 8 March-ul. Upper Maslivka;
NEAD Ave Shokalskogo-Yenisei Str.;
Oktyabrskaya Str. Suschevsky Val;
Ostashkovskaya St.-Studeniy avenue-Severodvinskaya street;
ul. Menzhinsky-ul. Pilot Grandmother;
Dolgoprudenskoye Sh.-. Ak. Flerova;
Cherepovets street, Khotkovskaya street;
HLW w. Enthusiasts-Main al-1-ya Vladimirskaya str .;
w. Enthusiasts-ul. Plekhanov;
Prospect of Budyonny-Brick Street;
Prospect of Budyonny-Izmailovo;
Ural street, Altai street;
Nosovikhinskoe sh.-Gorodetskaya street;
Suzdal street, Gorodetskaya street;
Nosovikhinskoye Sh.-Nikolsko-Arkhangelsky Prospect;
SEAD Krasnodar street, Sovkhoznaya street;
Krasnodar street Tsimlyanskaya street;
ul. Academician Scriabin-Ferghana Street;
Lublin ul. Young Leninists;
Yuzhnoportovaya St.-3-y Ugreshsky Prospect;
Ugreshskaya Street-Yuzhnoportovaya Street;
ul. Trofimova-Ave Andropova;
SAD Rossoshanskaya ul.-doubler of Warsaw;
Baku ul.-Kavkazsky Boulevard;
Baku ul.-Sevan street;
Kotlyakovsky pr.-pr. along the 22a along the Kashirsky highway;
East ul.-ol. Lenin Sloboda;
Walnut Boulevard, etc. along d. 13 on the Nut Boulevard;
B. Tula street-congress from the internal TTC to the center;
B. Tula street-external TTK in the region, two intersections VP and departures with TTK;
Sevastopol avenue – st. Kakhovka;
SWAD ul. Obrucheva-Profsoyuznaya Street;
Sevastopol Ave.-st. Kakhovka;
Profsoyuznaya ul.-ol. Miklouho-Maclay;
ul. Architect Vlasov-ul. Vorontsovskie Ponds;
Leninsky Prospect Street. Miklouho-Maclay;
Leninsky Prospect Street. Kravchenko;
Company B. Dorogomilovskaya ul.-2-nd Brianskiy lane;
Molodogvardiyska Str. Bozhenko-ul.Yartsevskaya;
Mosfilmovskaya ul.-doublers of Lomonosov Prospect;
Prospect Vernadsky-ul. Udaltsova;
Prospect Vernadsky-ul. Lobachevsky;
SZAO ul. Marshal Vasilevsky-Shchukinskaya street;
Myakininsky avenue-Nemansky avenue;
Pyatnitsky Sh.-Tsarikov per; .;
Pyatnitskaya Sh.-1-st Mitinsky per. .;
ul. Mitinskaya-Tsarikov per.-Novotushinsky Prospect;
Blvd. Jana Rainis-Tourist Street;
ZelAAO Panfilov Ave. st. Wheatear;
TiNAO Moskovsky settlement;
ul. Atlasov-ul. Nikitin;
ul. Atlasov-ul. Moskvitina

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