There is no more war. North Korea and South Korea decided to sign a peace treatyKim Jong Eun and Mun Jain shake hands in the demilitarized zone of Panmunjom. Credit: Korea Summit Press Pool / Reuters

On Friday, in the border town of Panmunjom, talks were held between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Mun Zhe In. The summit was the third in the history of the two countries and the first in more than ten years. Its results can now be called impressive: the parties agreed to start denuclearization of the peninsula and sign a peace treaty.

A meeting

Kim Jong-un and Mun Zhe Ying personally met directly on the border between their states, greeting each other with a half-minute handshake. After that, Kim Jong-un crossed the South Korean border (he became the first North Korean leader to enter the territory of South Korea after the armistice of 1953) and invited Mun Zhe Inu to enter the territory of the DPRK for a few seconds (it was not in the protocol). Moon agreed, after which the leaders of the two countries went to negotiations in the Peace House on the South Korean side.


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