On April 25, the official representative of the US State Department called the goal with which the representatives of the US authorities invaded the closed general consulate of Russia in Seattle.

According to him, this was done in order to make sure that the building was released. He also stressed that the actions of the representatives of the foreign policy department were not an invasion, but a “legitimate response to the actions of Russia.”

Earlier, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova, accused the US of raiding the consulate general in Seattle.

Earlier on April 25, US representatives infiltrated the residence of the Russian Consul General in Seattle (Washington). The Americans broke the lock and entered the building. The head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in the United States Nikolay Pukalov commented on the incident, saying that the Russian side regards it as “a violation of all diplomatic and consular conventions, as well as US law protecting private property rights.”

The US administration ordered the release of the Consul General’s residence in Seattle, which is the property of Russia, until April 24. Diplomats left it on the same day.

On March 26, the US authorities, in response to the “Fiddler’s Deed”, declared the names of 60 representatives of Russia non-grata, and also closed the Russian Consulate General in Seattle and ordered the Consul to leave the country before April 25. Russian diplomats were also deported to 27 European countries. Moscow took mirror measures.


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