The budget of the White Helmets depended on US money for a third. According to the TV channel, payments were stopped in the last few weeks, and now the issue of their renewal is being decided. The State Department was to receive by April 15 confirmation from the presidential administration that the organization’s funding would be continued, but this did not happen.

The head of the White Helmets Reaed Saleh said that in March the representatives of the organization met with US officials and that at this meeting it was a question of continuing the organization’s financing until 2020. “Our meeting in March was positive, there were even statements by a high-ranking official about the commitments until 2020, nothing was said about the termination of support,” Saleh said. According to him, there was no official information about the suspension or termination of funding from Washington. “If this is a permanent or long-term cessation of financing, it will have a significant negative impact on our ability to serve civilians as efficiently and qualitatively as it was recently,” he said.

Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, criticized the activities of the White Helmets for the “staging” film about the chemical attack of the Syrian regime forces in the city of the Duma. “My God, but when will this bloody play end, in which the States, their” coalition “, the militants and the White Helmets take part,” Zakharova wrote in her tweet. Syrian President Bashar Assad called the White Helm members supporters of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, banned in Russia. Officially, White Helmets is calling its defense the peaceful inhabitants of Syria.

The US froze the financing of the White Helmets


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