The US Finance Ministry gave another month to sell assets of "Rusal", En + and GAZUS Treasury Department

The US Treasury extended the period during which US investors should get rid of shares of Russian companies En +, "Rusal" and "GAZ Group", which fell under the sanctions of Washington. Investors should do this by June 6, and not until May 7, as previously planned. They should also terminate contracts with companies from the sanctions list.

Also, a new document from May 1 extended the permission to get rid of the assets of the agricultural holding "Kuban", "Basic Element", B-Finance, SC EuroSibEnergo, "Gazprom drilling", "Ladoga Management", NPV Engineering, groups "Renova". Against these companies, sanctions were introduced in connection with the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

By "The Kremlin report" The United States imposed sanctions against a number of Russian businessmen, officials and companies on April 6. Under restrictive measures, in particular, fell, "Rusal" and En + Group Oleg Deripaska. The US Ministry of Finance on April 23 allowed the mitigation of sanctions against "Rusal"if Deripaska ceases to control the company.

At the same time, the group of companies En +, which is the controlling shareholder "Rusal", said that Deripaska agreed to leave the board of its directors and is ready to reduce its share in it below 50 percent. However, the US Treasury said that this in itself is not the basis for the withdrawal of the company from under sanctions.

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