The US State Department intends in May to hold new negotiations with the Russian authorities on the issue of the airspace of Russian airspace by American air companies. This was in an interview with Bloomberg, said Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Manisha Singh.

The agency recalled that in April the authorities of the United States and Russia agreed to extend for six months an agreement on flights of American airlines over Russian territory.

However, the agreement was reached on three routes out of four. Due to the fact that the fourth route passing through the southern part of Russia was not renewed, American aircraft had to use a more expensive flight rate, Singh noted.

“Freight carriers know that this is a hardship for them, and we are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” said the Assistant Secretary of State.

According to her, Washington is trying to find out why Russia did not resume this cargo route and why Moscow does not want to sign long-term agreements for flights.

As noted by Bloomberg, representatives of American air carriers, trade associations and unions earlier in April met with Manisha Singh to discuss these issues. “We really want to give our carriers more confidence – this is what I will achieve. We are waiting for a response from them (Russia – RBC), “she concluded.

On April 17, State Department spokesman Heather Neuert stated that several US airlines are changing their flight routes to Asia due to a possible ban over the territory of Russia. The next day, Russia agreed to extend the permission for the flight of American airliners.


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