The US State Department supports the attempts of the Armenian leader Armen Sargsyan to stimulate dialogue between the supporters of the current government and the opposition and calls on the parties to negotiate the formation of a new government of the republic. This is stated in the statement of the official representative of the US department Heather Nauert.

The US continues to closely monitor the situation in Armenia. “Being a friend of Armenia, we (the United States) urge to negotiate in good faith on the formation of a new government in accordance with the Constitution and reach a solution that will satisfy the interests of all Armenians,” the message states.

Washington supports the peaceful nature of the demonstrations and expresses the hope that the security forces and those who realize their right to peaceful protest will subsequently refrain from violence.

Protests in Armenia began on April 13, when the opposition opposed the election of former President Serzh Sargsyan as the chairman of the government of the republic. Despite the protests, he was elected prime minister on April 17, in connection with which the opposition announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution”. On April 23, Sargsyan resigned amid continuing protests.

According to the Armenian Constitution, the head of the government is elected by the deputies of the National Assembly, choosing from the candidates nominated by all factions of the parliament. Now his party, the leader of the protests in the country, Nikol Pashinyan, was nominated only by the party “Elk”. The oppositionist seeks to be elected prime minister and re-elected parliament. Parliament will hold elections for a new head of government on May 1. Pashinyan’s candidacy was supported by three factions. The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), which controls the majority of seats in the country’s parliament (58 out of 105), refused to nominate its candidate for the post of prime minister.


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