Defenders of the Internationalists Park from the construction of the Oceanarium submitted on May 3 in the city election commission documents on the conduct of the referendum. This was reported to “Fontanka” by the head of the initiative group and the St. Petersburg branch of the “Party of Growth” Pavel Shvets.

April 14 in the Garden. On October 30, an initiative group (527 people) convened to hold a referendum. The question that the merchants are offering to answer to all Petersburgers is as follows: “Do you agree that in order to return the Internationalists at the intersection of the South Highway and Bucharest Street to the territory of the land plot located at the address: St. Petersburg, Slavy prospect, section 156 (southeast of the intersection with Prague Street, cadastral number 78: 13: 0741502: 4600)? “

The meeting was the first after a significant complication of the procedure for initiating such a popular vote. A year ago, after initiating a referendum in defense of the Isaakievsky Sobor Museum, the ZakS increased the minimum number of the initiative group by 15 times: from 20 to 300 people. Nevertheless, the merchants succeeded in exceeding it almost twice. And this despite the fact that they were not allowed to hold a meeting in one of the premises of the sports center "Soccer Factory" on Sofiyskaya Street, 14. A couple of days before the meeting, a group of park’s defenders was announced: the sports center suddenly broke the lease of the premises because of “antiterrorist security.”

The campaign to protect the park from the building has been going on for six months. During this time, the residents sent hundreds of letters to the governor of Poltavchenko, collected 10,000 signatures and even found an alternative site for transferring the object – a place for the reserve stadium “Zenith” in Kupchino, from which the club officially refused. However, Smolny’s plans have not changed, in spite of the fact that earlier in the air the head of the investment committee Irina Babyuk said that this place is suitable. But in vain: after the news that Zenit is relieving the site, the committee actually refused to speak, and Smolny in the governor’s reply to three ZakS deputies said that this site should be left free, as it may be needed in 2032 or in 2036 , when, perhaps, Petersburg will host the Olympic Games.


On October 30, 2017, the St. Petersburg government transferred to Optima LLC, controlled by the billionaire billionaire Goda Nisanova and Zara Ilieva, the land plot (3.5 hectares) within the historical boundaries of the Internationalist Park in the Prague Street direction, under the construction of the Oceanarium. In fact, at this point, it is planned to build one of the largest shopping centers in St. Petersburg. On the eve of the transfer of the site, it was announced about an increase in the area of ​​the shopping and entertainment center 18 times – up to 190 thousand square meters. The promised oceanarium will take only 12.8 percent of the TRC.


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