That only does not happen in the world, as soon as they do not try to humiliate and mud our country.

The Russian military covered the meeting place for the French and the militants

Various conspiracies and chemical attacks are invented, where our country is to blame. All would be nothing, but this is done only in order to hide from the eyes of the world arena what our Western comrades are doing.

I want to tell you now a situation that, except as in independent sources, will not be told, because it is hiding in every way by foreign special services so that dirt does not spill onto them.

But we know something with you, that these French, British and Americans are actually getting up, who allegedly strike.

So today, according to reliable sources from Syria, a special operation was conducted, during which the meeting place of the French and militants was laid. This happened due to the actions of Russian-Syrian intelligence.

During which it was learned that on April 27 the French entered Iraq from Syria and settled in an area controlled by the US military and the so-called Kurds, which Turkey does not recognize and considers enemy armed groups.

Later it was discovered that part of the French, namely two cars moved towards the Daara district.

In the course of which it was clarified that the French delegation was meeting with a banned group. What was the purpose of this meeting, why did it happen unknown.

The Russian side was not warned about the entry of French troops in Syria and especially their meetings with the banned group.

Then our military went on a step not to miss the moment. Since the meeting took place clearly with the leaders and high-ranking officials of this group.

It was decided to demolish the building, where the two parties supposedly had a dialogue.

What they talked about is difficult to guess, but there are thoughts that militants are supported by the French. What is unknown to anyone, but this fact will already hit France very much ..

As a result, our VIC paid a visit to Daar and dropped a couple of charges on this building, where supposedly met the French and the militants.

After that, special forces were sent to these places, where several people were found in French uniforms, which clearly strikes the whole situation in Syria.

Soon our media should speak, they should not, they have to do it.

Since the fact that France supports the militants in person.

It is known that our MiG-31 took part, how many the military did not know. All the militants were neutralized, thanks to the actions of our intelligence and military.

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