Moscow in response to the actions of Lithuania introduced a ban on the entry into Russia of hostile citizens of the country from among politicians, deputies and political scientists, according to the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry on April 28.

Related news: RF closed the entrance to the country Canadians-"Russophobes" in response to "Magnitsky law" "As is known, it is not in the rules of the Russian side to remain in debt with partners in connection with their provocative actions. In response to the adoption of Vilnius analogue of the American "the Magnitsky law" were forced to impose a ban on entry to Russia to the most hostile citizens of Lithuania from among local politicians, deputies and political scientists", – the report says.

The department added that the Russian "stop list" remains open, and in case of continuation of the provocative line of Vilnius, new personalities can be added to it at any time.

Recall that in November 2017, the Lithuanian Seimas supported the adoption of an analog "The Magnitsky Law", which will restrict entry to the country for foreigners for involvement in corruption and crimes against the individual.

Lithuania became the fourth country where the analogue was adopted "the Magnitsky law". Previously, the United States, Estonia and Canada did this.

Sergei Magnitsky, an employee of the Hermitage Capital investment fund, died on November 16, 2009 in an investigative isolator in Moscow at the age of 37 from heart problems. Russian human rights activists say that the authorities deliberately ignored the poor state of his health in order to silence him. The head of Hermitage Capital William Browder was found guilty in Russia of deliberate bankruptcy and tax evasion amounting to 3.3 billion rubles. This decision on December 29, 2017 was made by the Tverskoi Court of Moscow. He sentenced Browder in absentia to nine years in prison and a fine of 200,000 rubles.

This is the second correspondence verdict to the head of the Hermitage Capital fund. The first was issued in 2013 – then the businessman was also sentenced to nine years in prison. On the first case, the lawyer of the foundation, Sergei Magnitsky, who was killed in a pre-trial detention facility, was convicted. Recall, Magnitsky was found guilty of evading the payment of income tax for half a billion rubles. Companions of the lawyer claimed that he was able to identify the scheme of theft through the tax of 5.4 billion rubles from the Russian budget, and in the Magnitsky pre-trial detention center they were beaten and left without proper medical care. His death was the reason for the adoption of the “Magnitsky Act” in the United States in 2012. The document presupposes the imposition of sanctions against persons suspected of involvement in the death of a lawyer in the SIZO.


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