Car enthusiasts were saved from a month’s stay in anticipation of transponders for payment of travel on the Western high-speed diameter. Electronic queue for devices from the mandatory procedure was transferred to an additional one. Everyone who was recorded for June is promised to find a place in May.

As the press service of the “Northern Capital Highway” told on April 28, the peak of demand for transponders was passed on the eve of the May holidays, within a week it was possible to replace “significant volumes” of devices. The exact figure in the company was not named, but noted that we are talking about hundreds of devices. All queued drivers will be sent an SMS with an offer of an earlier date.

“Electronic record in sales offices is saved as an additional service. If you are comfortable planning the service time, you can reserve a convenient time slot. To conclude a contract and receive transponders, you can also apply without electronic recording, “the press service explained.

Still yesterday motorists could not operatively receive the device for payment of travel on the Western high-speed diameter. The electronic recording system offered to come to the office of the “Northern Capital Highway” in June. In the company, the pandemonium was explained by a large program to replace transponders and work with corporate clients.


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