The premiere of "Mein Kampf": the silence of the swastika in the theater KonstanzImages of Stars of David and swastikas

George Tabor, The Terrorist Theater of Constance "Mein Kampf". Later it was followed by another half-dozen of the audience: the introductory part, in which with terrifying believability. The audience clearly did not agree, as the Director of the play is born in Turkey of the German showman somuncu the Serdar (Serdar Somuncu) – defeated in the play the theme of extremism, alternating black humor with aggression and absurdity.

The action of the play takes place in 1910 in Vienna, where in the male bunkhouse young unsuccessful artist Adolf Hitler meets with two old Jews. At the same time in the play space and modern heroes, for example, U.S. President Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Great Britain Teresa may. Thereby posing challenges long-held beliefs about. The Director wonders what motives are driven by populist leaders these days. During the two-hour presentation on the audience collapses, overloading perception, powerful stream a wide variety of metaphors.

The premiere of "Mein Kampf": the silence of the swastika in the theater Konstanz

At the premiere of "Mein Kampf" 20 APR

However, the indignation has caused many not only the script, directing or dramaturgy. Authors of statement resorted to provocations long before the premiere. Not only that, the Prime Minister was appointed on April 20 – the birthday of Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler): the organizers of the event in addition to the swastika. According to organizers, they wanted to associate each viewer with his inner dictator.

No armbands with Nazi symbols

Provocative, in the opinion of the General public, the idea has caused a great resonance all over Germany: in the picturesque town of Konstanz gathered of a lot of journalists – both from Germany and from abroad. Some feared that arrive and neo-Nazis – or to once again. Others, in turn, feared that, for example, young people just want to get a free ticket to the show and will not be able to realize the full extent of death and destruction associated with this symbolism.

However, in the end, it turned out that anxiety was in vain. Either in the stalls or on the balcony could not see a single person with a swastika. Before the beginning of the craned neck, trying to see at least one black-white-red armband. However, despite increased security measures, and the presence of police officers, ready to respond to any aggression, the only neo-Nazis in the audience were the actors on stage.

A scene from the play. The role of a young Hitler – actor Peter Bosniak

The theater’s administration, the Holocaust, the Hollywood, the Hollywood, the Holocaust, the Hollywood, the Holocaust. But to take advantage of this opportunity.

The question of responsibility

The culmination of the show was a high-tech crucifixion scene with actors dressed like members "Ku Klux Klan" in the role of onlookers. In this moments of the ceiling, there was a shower with confetti in the shape of swastikas and stars of David. This allowed each viewer to become a participant of the show and it does not bear direct responsibility for what is happening. It seems that this was the main theme of the play, because during the production of responsibility is constantly shifted from one hero to another. While the person can not feel responsibility for their conscious decision to wear the item of clothing with Nazi symbols – which would be at the same time as it was in the gym, you can not find any of the swastika.

However, it seems that the Director of the play. Serdar Somuncu also in no hurry to take responsibility. His numerous attempts to draw public attention to the subject of the play, it seems, are nothing more than advertising gimmicks to intrigue an audience.

Although, due to its beautiful decoration and the entertainment component of the game, it could be called a feast for the eyes, after watching the play, still have the impression that the amid the controversy surrounding his advertising campaign.

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