The performance of Russian bobsledder in the season is considered unsatisfactoryRussian bobsleders of Alexander Rodionov and Yulia Belomestnykh

MOSCOW, April 25 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. The performance of the main team of Russian bobsledder in the completed Olympic season is considered unsatisfactory, the bobsleigh Federation of Russia said in a statement.

In the building of the Russian Olympic Committee the meeting of the head coach of the Federation of the bobsled Federation of Russia took place, which assessed the performance of the teams in the season.

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"In deuces, Russian athletes surrendered their positions due to poor acceleration. In the quartet, the chances for medals were, but Alexander Kasyanov did not receive an invitation to the Olympics, which, perhaps, cost the Russian team a high place, and even a medal. According to the voting results, the main team received a bad job, and the work of the youth team – to some extent in advance – was assessed satisfactorily", – said in a statement published by the federation on its official Facebook page.

The performance of Russian skeletonists in the season was considered satisfactory.

"Nikita Tregubov (at the Olympics) in Pyeongchang managed to win a silver medal. If we add to this the gold of Elena Nikitina at the European Championships, the victories of Alexander Tretyakov, the successes of Vladislav Marchenkov, the situation does not seem negative. At the suggestion of Anatoly Chelyshev, the senior coach of the country’s skeleton, the performance of the Russian skeletonists was unanimously recognized as satisfactory, as well as the results of the youth team, which achieved three medals at the World Cup by its age", – the statement says.


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