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The Pentagon complained that the enemy broke American combat aircraft in SyriaTony Thomas

Washington faced unexpected problems with its military aircraft in Syria.

Means of electronic warfare (EW) are aggressively opposed to US Air Force aircraft, which provide air support to US special forces and militants on Syrian territory.

The commander of the Special Operations Forces, Lieutenant-General Tony Thomas said, reports Fox News:

“Today in Syria we are forced to work in the incredible aggressive environment of electronic warfare on the planet. Opponents daily test us, bringing down our communications, as well as disable the AC-130, fire support aircraft and the like. “

The general did not specify which of the “opponents” he specifically had in mind, but experts agree that it is about Russia and the forces it supports.

The Edition Drive, RIA notes, points out that EW assets are very dangerous for flying artillery of the AS-130, since they are capable of completely disabling communication and data transmission systems that allow crews of combat winged vehicles to coordinate strikes with ground forces and drones.

As previously reported by the NBC television channel, referring to their sources, Russian electronic warfare blocked the signals of American drones in Syria. This had a significant impact on the military operations conducted by the Americans and their allies.

author: Irina Tyukacheva


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