In 2017 46.2% of the respondents stated that they work at half rate, and 13.8% are told about the work on the two rates. In 2016, these figures were 42.9 and 12.4%, and in 2015 is 37.9 and 6.9%, respectively. Almost half of the respondents-teachers – 46.7 per cent – said that they are in addition to his teaching work there is another.

According to the author of the report, head of the Center for lifelong education, Ranepa Tatiana Klyachko, the growing number of working on multiple factors. “Either they were not enough money, either before they tried so frankly about this, not to talk,” she said.

In March, the Russian Academy published a study according to which by year-end 2017, almost 60% of teachers in Russia were dissatisfied with their salary. Klyachko then noted that the number of dissatisfied salary of teachers in the new study were lower than the previous year. By the end of 2016 is equal to 65%. “In 2017, ahead of the elections, all power in the regions were directed to enhance and support the salary of the teachers,” she said.

In the may of the decrees of the President, Vladimir Putin, which was signed at the beginning of his life, should be equal to the average in the region and not to fall below these indicators. By 2018, according to the decree, the salaries of doctors, University teachers and researchers were equal to 200% of the average for the region. In early March – before the presidential elections of staff number of public organizations, including universities, have reported a sharp increase in wages. They are called the result of the demands of the authorities.

The number of employees at two rates in Russia has doubled


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