The Ministry of Sports canceled the expert council dedicated to the performance of skaters in the Olympic season

MOSCOW, April 25. / TASS /. The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation decided not to collect expert advice, which was originally supposed to discuss the performance of Russian figure skaters in the Olympic season. This was reported by TASS press-attaché of the Federation of figure skating Russia Olga Ermolina.

The expert council for figure skating was scheduled for 26 April.

"The Ministry of Sport has decided to cancel the meeting of the expert council, dedicated to the performance of our athletes", – said Ermolina.

According to TASS, the Ministry of Sport will not conduct expert councils with federations on those sports, whose athletes successfully performed in the Olympic season and won awards at the Games in South Korean Pyeongchang.

Russian figure skaters won one gold at the 2018 Games (Alina Zagitova – single skating) and two silver awards (Eugene Medvedeva – solo skating, Zagitova, Medvedev, Mikhail Kolyada, Evgenia Tarasova, Vladimir Morozov, Natalia Zabiyako, Alexander Enbert, Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Soloviev – team competition).


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