The Russian Foreign Ministry imposed a ban on entry into the country for politicians and deputies from Lithuania. This was a response to the “Magnitsky law” adopted in Lithuania

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs banned the entry to Russia of politicians and deputies from Lithuania

View of the city of Vilnius (Photo: Nadezhda Kulbine / RIA Novosti)

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the analogue of the American “Magnitsky law” adopted in Lithuania. “In response to the adoption of the analogue of the American” Magnitsky law “by Vilnius, they were forced to impose a ban on the entry to Russia of the most hostile Lithuanian citizens from among local politicians, deputies and political scientists,” the website said.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that “the Russian” stop list “remains open” and “new personalities” can be added to the list if Vilnius continues the “provocative line”.

“As is known, it is not in the rules of the Russian side to remain in debt with partners in connection with their provocative actions,” the ministry added. We warn that the Russian “stop list” remains open, and in the event of continuing the provocative line of Vilnius, new personalities can be added to it at any time.

Lithuania adopted a law similar to the “Magnitsky law” in force in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Estonia, in November 2017. According to the document, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania can prohibit the entry into the country of persons who in other states committed serious or particularly serious crimes against the person, violated the rights and freedoms of others, were convicted of corruption or money laundering. Also, people who are recognized as undesirable for entry into the EU countries may be included in the list.

According to this law, the entry into Lithuania was banned, in particular, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and the head of the RK Alexander Bastrykin.

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Lyudmila Chernova (Photo: Lyudmila Chernova / RIA Novosti)


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