The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has shown riddled "new, good and clever" American missiles

Not so often the Ministry of Defense of Russia arranges exhibitions. Teachings – yes. Parade – yes. Even military sports competitions – yes. But exhibitions are a rarity. Somehow they do not like this business in our military department. But I had to.

On April 25, just at such an event, journalists were invited to show riddled enemy rockets, the same ones – "new, good and smart" – which on Twitter bragged Trump. Now this weapon garbage with the surviving serial numbers and manufacturer’s markings looks old, bad and stupid. All were picked up in Syria after the infamous and senseless missile attack of America, Britain and France in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack near Damascus.

The stupidity of the whole idea Americans in their simplicity themselves and disclosed. US military said that the missiles destroyed a chemical laboratory "Barza" near Damascus and warehouses of chemical weapons of Him-Shinshar in the province of Homs. Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy was delicately surprised: "The logic of the military-political leadership of the United States, Great Britain and France is unclear when choosing these objects for striking. If, in their opinion, they actually had stocks of poisonous substances, then when striking with cruise missiles large foci of contamination of the terrain could arise. And in the case of Damascus, tens of thousands of people would inevitably perish".

Since there was no infection at all in the places where enemy missiles hit, it means that they shot for nothing. It is difficult to recognize this to the Americans, the British and the French. They simply do not comment on the absence of infection after the missile attack, refuse and only smugly repeat that they shot where they should and everywhere they got.

But after all, anyone who has at least once fired at a target at least from an oven, even just in a dash somewhere in the park, knows that after the fire it is always curious to take down a paper target and to calculate elementary in it holes, look at how much an apple, how many nearby , how many in "milk", but how many bullets and in general "are gone": as they say, got, yes by. The same with rockets. The targets stated by the Americans in the Ministry of Defense of Russia were studied carefully. On the ground. It is interesting though.

"The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducted a detailed analysis of the results of the attacks. The collected fragments of missiles, the study of funnels from ruptures and the nature of the destruction of objects allows us to conclude that out of the 105 declared hits in the target area, no more than 22 of them", – said Sergei Rudskoy.

Rudskoy says not about getting hit on targets, but about getting hit "in the target area". And there, in the main, were some random economic buildings that had nothing to do with the Syrian military. They were, as they say, in "milk".

Pentagon spokesman Eric Paon still insists on the accuracy of the shooting, and Russian calculations call "a disinformation campaign". It seems like an adult uncle, but he is capricious. He has holes in the sides of American missiles, and he continues to deny everything.

The great American generals behind this Eric Paon are hiding. And Donald Trump himself only vaguely informs that he called someone (to whom, I wonder?), And at the end of the wire he was told that all the rockets had flown to the address, not a single Syrians had been shot down. Here is Trump that phone call and made happy.

By the way, Trump will soon have a birthday. Still there is time at least part of the collected garbage to be poured into a bag and mailed to the White House as a gift. After all, the most valuable are those that are cognitive, those that enrich the inner picture of the world. Here would decompose Trump these "souvenirs" on the table and would invite the same company along with his pet John Bolton and the generals to a traveling exhibition from the Ministry of Defense of Russia. I think that it would be very interesting to American colleagues-journalists then to look at the exhibits. And to send is that.

"Fragments of cruise missiles, found in these interception areas, have characteristic holes from the striking elements of anti-aircraft guided missiles. On the nodes and units there are marks with serial numbers, dates and manufacturers and other data. Specialists will be able to easily identify the belonging of these fragments. Some of them you can see at the exposition", – said Sergei Rudskoy.

However, some of them seem to be "clever" missiles fell, not reaching the targets, even without bursting. Such also showed the journalists. These are unlikely to be sent to America. Such exhibits are more necessary for Moscow.

"Part of the missiles did not reach the targets, apparently because of technical malfunctions, creating a threat of destruction of civilian objects and the death of civilians. Two of them, including a cruise missile "Tomahawk" and high-precision aircraft missile, delivered to Moscow", – said Rudskoy.

An important point. Triple missile aggression was successfully reflected solely by the Syrians without the participation of our officers. By agreement with the United States missiles in the zone of responsibility of Russian air defense flew on. Here everything is honest. But another thing is interesting: the Syrians were defended mainly by the old Soviet weapons.

"I want to note that most of the precision weapons were destroyed by Soviet air defense systems developed forty years ago. This is the C-125, "Wasp" and "Square", – explained Rudskoy.

That, in fact, the whole picture. It remains to be recalled that the victims of that missile attack in Syria were not. Military equipment, too, all survived. Syria’s air defense will become much stronger after the experience gained.

But even after the exhibition at the Ministry of Defense with side holes in American missiles and even after the military corps of VGTRK Yevgeny Poddubny sought out live Syrians, who were forced to participate in the production shootings, posing as victims of a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Duma near Damascus, in the West it’s all the same blowing in their dudu. First of all, I mean politicians, military men and journalists. It seems that it is more important for them not perforated iron in their rough nature and not live witnesses, but fake clips on the Internet. At the presentation of their leaky iron Pentagon spokesman Eric Paon says: "Absurd!". And the living Syrians, who came to the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, the British Ambassador to the OPCW Peter Wilson calls "masquerade" and demonstratively refuses to even listen to them, they say, "The OPCW is not a theater".

The chief of British diplomacy Boris Johnson was already caught on a direct lie. Johnson’s subordinates, without embarrassment, adopt manners. Honored British press – there too. Here is the title Times: "The obscene masquerade". But on the same topic – Guardian: "The obscene masquerade". As under a carbon paper.


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