The Ministry of Culture proposed to divide the output of cartoons

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The Ministry of Culture again tries to dissolve domestic and foreign paintings in the schedule of hire. At the end of May, the Canadian-American cartoon “Rasprekrasny prince” and the Russian animation tape “Sadko” were released. One of the releases should be released later, on June 28, the Ministry of Culture said in a letter, but neither of the distributors tolerate the premiere, timed to the beginning of the school holidays, does not agree.

The Ministry of Culture again decided to intervene in the film-rolling business: the agency asked the distributors of “Volga” and “Our cinema” to agree on the dates for the release of the cartoons “Rasprekrasny prince” and “Sadko.” Releases were scheduled for May 24, but one of them should be transferred to the end of June, the Ministry’s letter says (there is a “Kommersant”). The director of the cinematography department of the Ministry of Culture, Olga Lyubimova, refers in a letter to paragraph 13 of the rules for the issuance of rental certificates. It follows that if at least two films are claimed for the same date, the ministry sends distributors a notice on the need to negotiate and agree on the order of the show.

The letter states that due to the intersection by the date of the release of “Volga” and STV (the distributor of “Our cinema” is owned by the founder of STV Sergey Selyanov) must agree on the transfer of releases. The closest date for the show is June 28, and which movie should change the release date is not specified.

The Ministry of Culture did not propose to postpone the release of the film “Rasprekrasny prince”, and notified the distributors about the need to hold talks, the press service of the ministry stressed.

At the same time, Volga initially assigned a tape exit on May 10 and later adjusted the date, the ministry added.

In “Volga” they confirmed receipt of a letter from the Ministry of Culture. In response, the distributor asks the ministry to leave for Rasprekrasnogo prince originally scheduled release date May 24. “In Russia, most schoolchildren finish their studies in the twenties of May, and it is traditionally at this time that a large number of films are produced for the family audience, which enables parents who have not yet sent children outside the city (to the country, to the village or to children’s camps ), the whole family go to the cinemas, and more than once, “- said in the letter of the distributor.

The Ministry of Culture proposed to divide the output of cartoonsHow the May holidays cleared to the Russian cinema

In Volga they emphasize that family releases can collect a large cash register even with the simultaneous withdrawal: in the fall of 2017, the Russian fantasy “The Last Bogatyr” mastered more than 1.6 billion rubles at the box office, the franchise “Fixiki” collected over 400 million rubles. the same weekend worked another animation picture, “We are monsters.” On average, nine paintings work in the weekend, two of them are of Russian production, like a distributor. In addition, according to the forecasts of the “Bulletin of the film distributor”, the “Sadko” fees in the first weekend will not exceed 25 million rubles, which is only about 3% of the general gathering of the weekend. More than 90% of the fees will be on a broad preview of the Russian “Draft”, spin-offs of “Star Wars” and releases of the past weeks. Sergei Selyanov announced to RBC that the release should be the date for the release, which was the first to release, in this case Sadko.

The Ministry of Tourism has not yet received an answer from the distributor.

The Ministry of Culture proposed to divide the output of cartoons

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