In April, Estonia has held a military exercise of the Locked Shields, during which NATO soldiers practiced responding to a cyber attack from the fictional country of “Crimsoni”. About this newspaper the Washington Post (WP).

According to the newspaper, “Crysania” NATO military identified Russia, and the elements of the exercises were taken “from real life”. This was stated by the newspaper, the commander of the US Navy Michael Widmann.

According to the drill scenario, hackers “Crimsoni” at the deprived of other fictional state, “Beryllium”, cellular communication, water and energy. Also on the streets, “Beryllium” there are protesters, engaging in “subversive activities”. The finale of the exercise was the break-in of the NATO drone, which was crashed on the military base and killed several soldiers.

WP stressed that in Latvia, the users have experienced problems with cellular communications during the Russian military exercises in the Baltic Sea in April 2017. In many countries affected computer systems of governments, banks, mail, and other organizations. In the US blamed Moscow for the attack, but in the United States, the Rosneft, Bashneft, the Bank, home credit and other organizations. In the Kremlin deny the allegations. According to the head of the Ministry of Communications, Nikolay Nikiforov, in the case of a cyber attack, “the Ukrainian trace”.

The media learned Russian in the conditional enemy in military exercises in EstoniaDonald Trump (Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters)


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