The Mayor’s Office of Moscow coordinated the action of supporters of Aleksei Navalny on May 5 on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova. This is, according to Interfax, the head of the Moscow regional department of regional security Vladimir Chernikov.

“We agreed on this action,” he said. According to the official, the applicants were offered to hold a march along Masha Poryvaeva Street and complete it with a rally on the outside of Sakharov Avenue.

The authorities took into account the congestion of the city center in connection with the preparations for the parade on May 9, a festive salute and other events.

Soon Navalny said that the mayor’s proposal was a “provocation”. According to him, the length of the route proposed by the City Hall is 350 meters.

A letter was sent to the mayor’s office stating that their "reconciliation" – this is a provocation and violation of our rights. Any compromises can be around the venues in the city center.

It is supplemented.


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