The manufacturer of Lipton tea can open their first stores in Russia

Unilever, which produces food and drinks to household chemicals and cosmetics. The British-Dutch company is already looking for partners for development. Unilever Neil Roberts at the conference MAPIC Russia.

“Unilever produces many brands, but we are also a retailer,” he said. Magnum ice cream Maison Carte d’ore, Soft Republic and Ben & Jerry’s, tea Pure Leaf Tea House and T2, Ives Mixing Bar and Dove Boutique, and so on. Now Unilever is looking for partners for the two brands in Russia – tea and ice cream, said Roberts.

Yet, as he explained to “Vedomosti”, Unilever not decided which. “We are still in the early stages of market research and searching partners,” he added. If decisions will be made, according to him, the first store may open in 2019.

The manufacturer of Lipton tea can open their first stores in Russia

Unilever is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer goods with revenues of almost $ 54 billion in 2017 Among the food brands in the company are seasoning and frozen foods, Knorr, Magnum ice cream, Lipton tea, etc. in Addition to food Unilever produces cosmetics and household chemicals, including those under the brands Domestos, Persil, Dove, Rexona, Clear.

The last few years, global manufacturers of consumer goods are working. Thus, in 2015, Ferrero bought the British chain for the production and sale of chocolate Thorntons. Himself Unilever then acquired the Italian network for the sale of Grom Gelato. In 2017, Unilever launched the service in London, together with startup. Quiqup: site visitors of Hellmann’s mayonnaise could select recipes and order ingredients.

In addition, Unilever actively promotes its products via the Internet. In 2015, the Chinese division of the company has agreed to a partnership with Alibaba. A year later, Unilever has an established cooperation with the Internet platform of the Internet: Unilever Maxim stag.

“Previously, our products were just lying on the shelves [shops] and we do not know who buys them.” Now we know buyers who are returning to shop, who increases spending, “Elin Santos, Vice President of Unilever in marketing, in an interview with the publication Marketing Week.


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