Alexei Navalny, Nikolai Lyaskin was detained for “organizing an inconsistent public events”, said the police

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his associate Nikolai Lyaskin was detained in the center of Moscow “for the organization of uncoordinated public events”, said the press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, received by RBC.

“They are carried to the territorial police department to address the issue of attraction to the law”, – stated in the message.

Earlier on the detention of Navalny reported RBC. Pushkin square and to take part in the action, in the past, he was detained almost immediately upon exiting the subway. However, after a few minutes, the police officers were detained. Nicholas Laskin detained “on the way to Tver,” he wrote in his Twitter.

Police detain including supporters of the opposition. Law enforcement officers detained almost one person per minute, the correspondent of RBC. According to the human rights project “OVD-info”, 15:15 GMT in Moscow were detained 52 people. On the action were the detained photographer of “Novaya Gazeta” Mikhail Grebenshikov, reported on the newspaper’s website.

On the Pushkin square in addition to the supporters of Navalny, the members of the National Liberation Movement (NOD) and people in Cossack uniforms. One of them told RBC that the representatives of the Crimean Cossack regiment ataman Baklanov came to the area in order to prevent a repetition of 1917.

In the center of Moscow, on Pushkin Square, is dedicated to the inauguration of Vladimir Putin. Rallies held throughout Russia “against corruption, inequality, censorship and lawlessness,” said earlier the Bulk.

The city refused to coordinate action in terms of the opposition, proposition to hold a procession outside of the Garden ring and with the route of 350 meters, “said the opposition leader. his supporters to gather on Tverskaya. “In the end, the municipality forbade the opposition to hold on rally on may. 5.” Of course it is prohibited, unless they agree to go on the proposed route, “said RBC head of the Department of Regional Security combating corruption Moscow Vladimir Chernikov.

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