Children of Russians who were sentenced to life imprisonment in Iraq for membership in the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (banned in Russia) will be taken to Russia. This was reported by a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) under the head of Chechnya Head of Saratov, Tass reports.

“For children, to take them out, collect papers, documents, establish contact with relatives: we are doing everything possible,” she said. According to her, there are no problems with taking prisoners to Russia. They will be sent in two stages, explained the member of the HRO.

Saratov reported that first, children who are Russian citizens will be removed, and then other children who were born in Iraq. “If the mother is a Russian, the child is automatically Russian, they are put on paper on the spot,” the member of the HRC explained. She said that at the moment all children are with convicted mothers. Saratov explained that before that they were in jail, and after the sentencing they will be sent to the shelter.

A member of the HRO said that at the moment there are 2,000 women in Iraq who are awaiting sentencing. This country contains 57 women from Russia who either wait for the court or have already been sentenced. “For us, it is important now that they are allowed to serve their sentence on the territory of Russia,” Saratov emphasized.

On Sunday, April 29, it was reported that the Iraqi court sentenced 19 Russian women to life imprisonment for their participation in the activities of the IG. In addition, six women from Azerbaijan and four from Tajikistan were convicted for the same acts.

In April, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that there are 50 to 70 women in the prisons of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, who may have Russian citizenship, as well as more than 100 children. According to her, in Iraq they said they were ready to go to a meeting and transfer the children to their relatives in Russia, “RIA Novosti” reported.

The HRC told about the fate of children convicted in Iraq, Russian women


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